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These Affordable Wedding Rings Are Under $200 and Still Chic AF


These Affordable Wedding Bands Are Under $200 and Still Chic AF

I’m pretty sure I remember the exact moment I read about Mila Kunis buying her and Ashton’s wedding rings off of Etsy - for $90 (hers) and $100 (his), respectively. And I recall thinking “umm, wayyyy to beee Mrs. APlusK.” Why? Well, because she and her hugely famous hubs could easily afford bands priced in the thousands, but they instead chose to go another route because 1) they’re just plain awesome and 2) under no illusions that wedding bands have to be expensive to be meaningful. Whether you have a crazy, over-the-top engagement ring already and want to scale back for the one you exchange vows with or just prefer a minimalistic approach to ALL of your aisle style, you can find some stunning fine jewelry at Buy Art Jewels. Inexpensive. Trend-forward. Wearable. And all for way less than you could ever imagine spending on your wedding baubles.

A wedding band means what, again?

That you’re married. You locked it down with your best friend, and now you can look down at THAT finger and remember that you’re wifed (or hubbied) up, with a solid ride or die 4 life. It’s as simple as that. Of course, you’re more than welcome to go all out on wedding jewelry that’s nice and extra - many have done it before you and many will continue to do so long after - but you don’t have to. In fact, looking for something lowkey and affordable is becoming a major trend: think smaller diamonds, thinner bands, more subtle sparkle, and a much lower price point.

When you’re considering everything you’ve already spent to tie the knot, putting rings on it for very little $$$ sounds a lot like perfection. Arewerite?

These Affordable Wedding Bands Are Under $200 and Still Chic AFWedding Band:

And we’ve got a place for doing just that. 

Buy Art Jewels is the brainchild of two people who didn’t just want to throw another online jewelry place out into the universe - they wanted to change the DNA of the entire jewelry buying experience. The founders understood the value and rarity of diamonds, but couldn’t get past the exorbitant market prices and the commercial alienation that followed. So, they decided to up-end the status quo and start creating minimalist fine jewelry designs that were perfect for everyday use.

Chicks, these designs are no joke - fun and fashionable X1000. They’re also so streamlined and familiar-feeling that you (as newlyweds) quickly forget the ‘what am I wearing?’ sense of ‘does this belong?’ that often comes after returning from your honeymoon and having to get used to wearing a wedding ring regularly. We don’t mean that they’re basic, either, they’re just so wearable and down to Earth that you and your partner feel like you’ve been wearing them forever. It becomes a part of you.

Read up on some of the rings and then get ready to checkout... 

Because like we said some time ago, if Mila and Ashton are still going strong with Etsy rings around their fingers, maybe getting rings that mean the most without costing the most is what it’s all about…

These Affordable Wedding Bands Are Under $200 and Still Chic AFWedding Band:

Such a low price for perfection. We pinky promise [ring]

"Didn't expect such a good quality at this price. It's a real diamond ring and looks amazing."

14K Beaded Ring

image 2 (1)

14K Bezel Diamond Promise Ring

These Affordable Wedding Bands Are Under $200 and Still Chic AF

They do custom, too. 

How's this for #couplegoals... Get basic, classic, unique, extraordinary wedding rings customized exactly how you want them. Buy Art can design wedding rings for you with diamonds and gemstones like sapphire, ruby, moonstone, opal, emerald, and more! And if you want to match your band with your engagement ring, that can easily be done, as well! 

And for anything above $100, enjoy 15% off

Everything on Buy Art Jewels is crafted with 14k solid gold, real diamonds, and/or gemstones. They offer free ring engraving, free worldwide shipping, a lifetime warranty, and jewelry authenticity certificates, too. Shop now and enter “CHICKS15” for 15 percent off, site-wide, on total purchase values above $100.


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We partnered with Buy Art Jewels to bring these utterly unique + amazingly-priced rings to our trend-forward brides. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!