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Theia White Fall 2014

Theia white dress

THEIA White for Fall 2014 is inspired by clean modern silhouettes infused with “The Midas Touch.” Delicate touches of gold are found on classic French Chantilly laces entwined with gold filigree flowers. Hand painted gold Murano glass beads encircle waist lines. Luxurious silk brocades, lames and golden sequins shimmer around the body as though the bride, emerging from a snow storm, were grasped by Midas himself. Softly falling snow is captured in thousands of hand embroidered satin petals caressing the body and cascading onto a tulle veil.
Gentle snow drifts are translated into hand painted brush strokes on tulle and glazed with an icy shimmering sprinkle of glass beads. Re-embroidered Chantilly and cotton Guipure laces are paired with silk taffetas and Duchess Satins. Silk organza’s are lasered or ruched around the body, with romantic ruffles or bountiful bouquets of Polar Star Roses cascading from the knee. Acres of silk chiffon float from a feather light Chantilly bodice. Silk Mikado has been specially softened to create luscious full ball gown skirts. Soft as the falling snow, sensual, modern, imbued with golden luxury, THEIA White Fall 2014. View more of this breathtaking collection in the full gallery here.

theia white fall 2014 cora gown