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The Wine for Your Wedding Deserves Its Own Unboxing Moment


The Wine for Your Wedding Deserves Its Own Unboxing Moment

I’m absolutely a big wine lover, but up until this point, I was pretty okay with anyone getting me the grape-forward gift and presenting it to me in a bag, with a bow, or simply by itself (price tag still on? Girl, nooo biggie!). Wine is wine is wine. Now; however, after seeing what wine can be boxed in - chicks, what we're about to show you is truly beautiful - I’d say that wine can’t even be a part of your wedding day unless it’s packaged ‘just so.’ Artificer Wood Works, crafters of the most clever and deeply personalized wooden gifts you’ve ever seen and the originators of the first “Anniversary Wine Box,” agrees and they chatted us up about a number of ways wine boxes can work for your wedding, because on the most festive of occasions, your wine definitely deserves its own bit of pomp and circumstance.

Let’s talk bridal party, first…

For when you want them to say ‘YES’ to your ask. 

The Wine for Your Wedding Deserves Its Own Unboxing Moment

A bottle of wine or Prosecco will always sweeten your salutations. Not to mention, if you haven’t seen your ladies in a long time (this pandemic, the struggle), there’s a good chance that receiving a box like this on their doorstep, with their favorite drink inside, will reduce them to ALL the happy tears.

Pro tip: we only advise the doorstep drop if your bridesmaids live nearby and you can do the deliveries yourself. It’s a much more personal experience! Coordinate with whoever you know will be with your sister/friend/cousin/colleague when she finds it, have them record the whole unboxing moment, and also ask if they’d be able to shoot back a video of their response.

For when you want to thank them for everything they’ve done to help you on your road to ‘I Do.’

We get it, these ride or dies of yours have sipped a lot of wine with you over the years, some, probably, out of solo cups or sorority letter-etched plastic glasses. But on your wedding day, things are different. These novelties just don’t cut it anymore, because you’re adults and you can celebrate with nice things, you can cheers with champagne among your besties and feel like real grownups. It’s a momentous and page-turning milestone, if you ask us. 

If you choose to gift your guys and girls with wine, you have to pair it with one of these unbelievably classy and modern bridal party boxes.

Pro tip: personalize the inside lids with messages that are equal parts sentimental and sassy. It’s a touch that each member of your crew will love - promise!

The Wine for Your Wedding Deserves Its Own Unboxing Moment

And now for the big day…

For when you want to add #somethingborrowed to your vows. 

Try out a traditional (hence, the something borrowed) wine box ceremony, a ritual that celebrates your love not only on your wedding day, but also your future together. This keepsake becomes a lovely time capsule of your wedding day that you can share on a future anniversary. The idea is to work in tandem with your partner the weeks leading up to your wedding, by gathering sweet reminders of your planning process, photos from the day you got engaged, relics of the special moments you’ve shared with your loved ones in celebration of your union, and then having your officiant lead a ceremony wherein you place the items in a special wooden keepsake box, along with an ageable wine, glasses, and love letters to each other to read on a specific date (1st, 5th, 10th anniversary, etc.), and seal it together to be shared privately at a later time.

The Wine for Your Wedding Deserves Its Own Unboxing Moment

For when you want to swap your basic guest book out for something much more ‘fresh.’ 

Do it with another one of their special wooden keepsake boxes, only this time, include a note or pretty acrylic sign nearby that provides details about what you’re doing. That you’ll be saving this box to open on your 1st anniversary (or later, if you wish), and you can’t wait to read what all of your favorite people wrote.

Pro tip: maybe even see if you can arrange this ‘guest book’ on your escort card table. Offer glasses of the particular wine you’ve reserved in your box and make a note of that, too. That you’ll be drinking X next year and musing about the magical day you all shared together. Cute, right?

The Wine for Your Wedding Deserves Its Own Unboxing Moment

they Chardon-slayed It according to these folks 

"I'm in love! We decided to get the box as an alternative guest book and it is everything we expected. The woodwork is immaculate. I can't wait for our guests to see it." ~ K. Douglas 

"My fiancé and I bought this for the wine box ceremony at our wedding in a couple weeks and we couldn't be happier. The craftsmanship of this box is absolutely beautiful, the engraving is very smooth and well done, and everything is as promised by Artificer Woodworks. We have already talked about buying more things from here in the future! Thanks for such a beautifully crafted piece!" ~ H. Wise 

"This gift turned out absolutely amazing! I highly recommend anyone buying this if they're looking for a gift for a wife who likes wine. The communication was fantastic, as we decided what pictures to use, and I feel that this gift was worth every penny! Thank you so much for this!" ~ I. Woodman

The Wine for Your Wedding Deserves Its Own Unboxing Moment

Artificer Wood Works’ custom wine boxes, keepsake boxes, and other personalized wood gifts make meaningful, high-end presents for every occasion and everyone on your list. Soooo start shopping now!


We partnered with Artificer Wood Works to share an out-of-the-box gift idea for your next wedding-related party. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!