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The Wedding Survey Says ...


The Inside Scoop On All Things WeddingPhoto Credit:

We know your Big Day is all about you (well, and your groom), but isn’t it nice to have an insight in to what other brides are up to? You want to see what’s in, what’s not, and soak up that inspiration. Now we have some real data which delivers the insight. 

A survey undertaken by Wedding Journal has hunted down the information we’re looking for. They reveal the top trends and habits of the modern couple. They’ve dug up the inside scoop on everything that brides and couples are looking for: from venues to dresses, and even when to manage your guest list. Read on to find out more!

Getting to the church on time: 

Wedding Planning TipsPhoto Credit:

When to start planning The rock is on your finger and you’re finally just about able to drag yourself away from its mesmerizing dazzle of light for a moment to actually think. Almost straight away your mind is going to fall on timescales. How soon is too soon? How long will it take to save? Will the engagement feel stale if you wait too long? 

50% of couples take between one and two years from engagement to wedding date. However, whilst it’s clear that very few couples go for the alter-dash with less than 6 months to go (only 3%), there are plenty who go for a longer engagement. 27% took over two years to plan. 

These outliers are interesting. Your wedding day won’t come cheaply. The longer the engagement, the longer there is to save. 

There are also other factors you need to consider. Dream dresses aren’t made by fairies, much as we’d like to believe they are. They take time, often with a lead time of many months. Then, as you start looking for venues and wedding services such as photographers, you’ll discover the best of the bunch get booked early. 

In short, if you want the wedding of your dreams, allow the time to plan.

Something old, something new: How to start planning 

Wedding AdvicePhoto Credit:

Having drawn up a rough timeline, you can be forgiven for having a minor bridezilla moment when you discover just how much there is to do. This amazing, incredible, once-in-a-lifetime day, kind of needs a lot of work! That’s not much fun, is it? Well actually, it can be awesome fun if you know how to go about it. 

What we know, from years on the wedding block, is that wedding planning is rather like a set of dominoes: one thing knocks on to the other. This applies to venue availability feeding in to booking the band, or the color of your favorite flowers determining the table favors. 

The way to get a handle on this is to tackle the big guns first. From the Wedding Journal survey, a staggering 86% of respondents unsurprisingly start with the venue. Your venue is the rock – the firm foundations of a wonderful day. So get out, get hunting, and get deciding. 

However, a little word of ‘heads up’ from looking at what the other 14% started with. In there we have brides who chose to start with their guest list. These brides may be in the minority (only 3%) but they are on to something. Venues will have number limitations. It’s useful to have a vague idea of the numbers on your guest list before you set your heart on the venue.

You waited for the ring, now what can wait for you? 

Don't wait to plan your honeymoonPhoto Credit:

36.8% of couples leave honeymoon planning till last. This one worries us a little. The honeymoon is actually a big factor when it comes to your planning timescale. 

Listen up a moment – you’re going to want your honeymoon, big style. Even the most extrovert bride will find that following those last few weeks to the big day, and the momentous day itself, she’ll want down-time with her new husband. Big holidays take a whole heap of planning. You’ll never get the opportunity to be newlyweds spoilt in a bubble of honeymoon love again, so make sure about 6-8 months from W-Day you’re actually booking the honeymoon. 

Once the big details are out of the way, it makes sense that other choices such as flowers (12.3%) and meal choices (10.5%) can wait till last.

The all-important support squad 

You need your girls by your side on your wedding day!Photo Credit:

They may be glammed up in divine dresses and their finest Jimmy Choos or tuxes and tails on the day, but your wedding team need to be more akin to ninjas in the run up. 

42% of couples point the finger lovingly at each other when it comes to choosing their number one support act. However, running in close behind isn’t the bridesmaids or the groomsmen. A monumental 32.3% counted Mom up there as their right hand gal. 

However, the survey doesn’t quite uncover enough here. We know that parents are often footing much of the bill for the day, so of course they are going to be there having input in to decisions. What we don’t see is that it’s usually the bridesmaids who are the cheerleading squad, providing the background moral support. The survey reveals 12% of couples finding their best friends most important. 

Loving moms often feature highly though. They have simply been there. They have a wealth of experience about life and also about their daughter’s personality, characteristics and hopes. They are your fiercest warriors for getting what is best, even if that means a stern word now and then. 

In reality, whatever the data says, getting your support team right is vital but will look different for every couple. What matters is that you give it some thought and attention. There are times when bridezilla tendencies will need reining in. There will be times there are tears of frustration which need to be dried. Times when you need to look up and see a huge beaming smile of pride. Times when you need someone else to manage the logistics. Different people will likely fill these roles. Each of them is immensely important.

It’s done, you’re ready 

Tips to confidently wedding planPhoto Credit:

With the planning confidently under control, knowing that you’re doing things as others are too, you’re all set for an amazing day. Take time to enjoy the planning process. Remember to stop and smell the roses along the way - much of the joy is in the planning stage.

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