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The Ultimate Maid of Honor Guide


The Ultimate Maid of Honor Guide

Of course the initial reaction to being asked to be your bestie’s Maid of Honor is excitement and joy, but let’s be honest -- it’s a little bit scary too. In some cases, you might even be asked to step down if you’re not meeting the bride’s expectations.

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Whether you’re dealing with the ultimate bridezilla or the exact opposite, these are the most important things to keep in mind to help you stay on track (read: sane) and tackle your duties like a pro:

Write down everything

With all of the appointments and dates you need to keep track of as MOH, it’s easy to slip up and forget -- especially when most appointments will be booked far in advance. From dress fittings to tastings to bridal showers, there is a laundry list of pre-wedding events that you’ll need to attend (and likely help coordinate). Take advantage of the portable calendar in your smartphone to keep track of all upcoming events and set reminders for yourself with any tasks you’ll need to complete prior. 

Gather all the girls

As MOH, you’ll need to take the lead on planning the bachelorette party. Taking charge and gathering all of the bridesmaids in one place to discuss logistics and plan the weekend activites is the biggest challenge of organizing the event. Factor in busy schedules and conflicting travel needs and you’re bound to feel overwhelmed. Avoid the dreaded email chain! Instead, create a group chat where you can manage RSVPs and keep track of everything from travel, hotel bookings and reservations. Pro tip: use an end-to-end encrypted messaging app like Viber so that anything private you might share like credit card or passport info stays safe. It also allows you to delete messages, so if you end up sending a message you didn’t intend to -- like that bachelorette party night out pic -- you can simply delete it and no one in the group will ever see it ever again. 

Just remember that communication is key. Commit to being the point person for all questions, concerns and requests -- it’s certainly a time commitment, but it will help you keep things running smoothly. 

Be prepared for dress-shopping

You’ll likely be asked to help the bride select dresses for the bridesmaids. Whether she has no idea where to begin or has a very specific vision of what she wants the dress to look like, it’s your job to not only help with initial research but to temper her expectations. The bridesmaids will likely have different style preferences, so it’s important to consider each girl’s comfort-level with particular cuts and colors. Sharing photos for inspiration before trying on is a good way to help everyone get on the same page. Viber features an integrated shopping keyboard with access to a range of retail brands, allowing you to browse and directly share different styles in the chat, all without ever leaving the app.

Don’t wing your speech

One of the most daunting MOH duties is delivering the reception speech. Plan ahead and write it out, or at least jot down a few major points, that way you’ll be plenty prepared even if the nerves hit you. Keep it honest and heartfelt, relaying your most special moments with the bride and your love and respect for the future couple. At the end of the day, as long as your words come from the heart you can’t go wrong. 

Remind her to have fun

The planning is done, the seating charts finalized, and the vows made. Your most important responsibility? Remind the bride to enjoy her day and help her cherish every moment. The bride asked you to be her maid of honor because you’re clearly a very special person in her life -- celebrate her accordingly and put your duties aside at the reception to dance, have fun and keep the party going. 

Debbi Dougherty is the Head of B2B Marketing at for Rakuten Viber, a global messaging app with over 1 billion active users. With more than 15 years of marketing experience, Debbi has held key marketing positions in ad tech and publishing and holds a leadership role at Women in Wireless, an organization devoted to supporting women in mobile. 

Viber, the leading global messaging app, is helping more than 1 billion users connect and plan seamlessly -- whether you’re arranging your bachelorette party or simply connecting with loved ones, Viber makes it easy, collaborative and, above all, cost-free.

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