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The Sleek and Stylish Augusta Jones Summer 2018 Collection


Augusta Jones Bridal Aspen Gown

Don’t get us wrong, we love a wedding dress dripping with drama - but sometimes it’s just not necessary. And Augusta Jones’ Summer 2018 Collection speaks painstakingly to this sentiment. The British bridal brand sponsored this post to share all of the stunning new additions to their summer edit, and they are so standout. We cannot wait to see how excited brides get over these gowns, especially the girls who have a sweet spot for Meghan Markle’s modern, crisp and clean style. These beauties have the this lovely bride’s name written ALL over them 💁🏻.

If you haven’t been following Augusta Jones since our last post - on the best back interest gowns we’ve seen in awhile - let’s do quick recap. The atelier has been playing fairy godmother to bold and arresting brides for close to 20 years, and Charlotte and June Leung still cling to one simple mission when they’re designing: to make every soon-to-be-Mrs. feel like the most beautiful version of herself on her wedding day. They’re not kidding either, at all of their stores brides can try on gowns and make alterations that make sense to them, based on their body type, their comfort levels, and their unique style persuasions.

Augusta Jones Bridal Charlize Gown

So, you can certainly love a dress as is, and wear it with confidence, or you can ask for updates and make the dress entirely your own. It’s a beyond-bespoke process, and it’s been honored since day one. It’s kind of needed too, right, because still there are very few designers who put so much effort and energy into ensuring that their creations can appeal to every woman. And Augusta Jones doesn’t just stick to those standards for the sake of points of differentiation, the designers LOVE to do it. Amazing! 

Augusta Jones Bridal Luca Gown

The latest range that’s been arriving at stores is so pretty, and we couldn’t help but notice how lowkey, effortless, and simultaneously striking the styles are. A number of them have absolutely no embellishments, yet they slay with their simplicity. So much of it can be attributed to Augusta Jones’ canon of couture craftsmanship: every fabric, every piece of lace, every appliqué or accessory that the gowns are confectioned with is luxe and no shortcuts are taken, guaranteeing that every gown is nothing short of perfection. And these pieces, in particular, are super lightweight and feel lovely to put on (really, brides won’t want to take them off); there are also so many options to choose from when it comes to necklines, backs and sleeves - of lack thereof. 

Augusta Jones Bridal Zarra Gown

Off-the-shoulder designs and perfectly cropped V-necks can do no wrong☝☝☝- wouldn’t you agree? Be sure to check everything from the summer 2018 collection out online. You can swipe through our slideshow, too, we got the sneak peek!


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We partnered Augusta Jones to share this sensational new summer season collection with you. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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