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Dr. Kimber Lee Wilkes, of The Ring Please, gave us this advice on planning your ceremony! Dr. Wilkes is a non-denominational officiant available in Southern California.
Read on for some tips on creating the ceremony that best fits you!


The Ceremony has three areas to be considered; content, duration, and meaning.

ContentThe content of your ceremony should speak the words that reflect you as a couple. The guests should feel the the officiant knows the couple based on what is said which would make the ceremony feel authentic. For the officiant, this would include spending some time with you as well as getting to know your backgrounds and lifestyles.DurationThe average ceremony lasts 20-30 minutes. This duration can vary depending on any traditions that may be added, such as the unity candle, readings, rose exchange, or the sand ceremony, just to name a few. Guests remain better engaged in ceremonies lasting between 20 and 30 minutes.MeaningWhat type of ceremony would you like to have? Ceremonies can be simple or very elaborate and involved. The tone can be serious and formal, or can involve some levity. The meaning of your ceremony can sometimes be determined by the location.
For example, beach or garden ceremony can be less formal than a church ceremony.
Thanks to Dr. Kimber Lee Wilkes, The Ring Please, for this great information that is sometimes overlooked as part of the planning!

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