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The Perfect Top for Your Bliss Tulle Skirt!


Tulle skirts are trending super hard right now, and we personally have our eye on several Bliss Tulle skirts. But what to pair with it? There are plenty of options, but if you want to make a glamorous statement we have to recommend Bliss Tulle's new Audrey top collection! We have seen skirts topped with lacy tops before, but this one is designed to perfectly pair with your Bliss Tulle skirt. Click here to start shopping for yours now! 

The Audrey tops may only come in white for the moment, but they do come in three sleeve styles that you will love. The bell sleeve, the 3/4 sleeve and the sleeveless all of which could be just the thing for you as the bride, your bridesmaids or if you need to look fabulous for your bridal shower or a luncheon! 

three quarters lace audrey top

bridal style from Bliss Tulle

sleeveless Audrey top

We love the white lace look of these Audrey tops from Bliss Tulle, but if it doesn't happen to be the right look for you, we have some good news. New colors and styles are on their way. The best way to keep up to date on all things Bliss Tulle is to follow them on Instagram @blisstulle. You'll get a daily dose of lace and tulle and also find out about their new collections as soon as they go live! 

instagram post

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