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The Perfect Gift to Say Sorry I Know I’ve Been a Crazy Bride

Greetabl gift for bridesmaids

Look, we’re under noooo illusions here, brides can be next-level nuts sometimes - and we all kind of have to take a sigh of relief and default to ‘well, she’s under a lot of stress, the wedding is getting close, and she’s obvi freaking out.’ This is what true friends and loyal family members do. They placate their sissy, cousin or bestie bride, shower her with lots of champagne to make her feel all bubbly again, make themselves available for all of her wedding planning whining, and then talk about her crazy behind her back when they’re all corralled together again. It’s basically the circle of life when you or any one of your crew gets a ring on her finger 💍. But if you’re the bride, there comes a time when you need to stop using your upcoming wedding as a crutch for your bach-s*** crazy behavior and bad attitude and apologize to your people for treating them like a punching bag ever since you got engaged. Well, that, or in the best case, thank all your VIPs for sticking by you when they probably should have ✌️✌️✌️well before things got so involved. We found the perfect way to say “I’m sorry, I know I’ve been beyond, but thank you for loving me #insicknessandinhealth.” It’s called Greetabl and it’s our favorite new gifting experience. Like really, favorite.

Will you be my … but even better

As the bride, you know you’ll be getting your squad gifts throughout your engagement and wedding planning process: 1) to ask them to be an official part of your bride tribe and 2) to thank them for being part of said tribe when everything is over. And Greetabl is definitely great for either of these scenarios, especially if the whole group is together, opening all their personalized boxes in unison - getting confetti all over the place in the midst of all the collective ‘awwwwwws!’ But we’re actually loving the concept above and beyond that.

Greetabl gift for your bridesmaid

Perhaps you kept all your girls wayyyy too late at your first wedding dress shopping appointment, and one or two of them had to bail on their Saturday night date plans. Maybe you had to put in a “but I’m your best friend and I’m a bride, can you please help me address all my save-the-dates my handwriting sucks!!!?!’ request on their birthday weekend. Or, even more simply, maybe you just realized that every time you’ve seen your friends since your S.O. proposed, you’ve talked about your wedding ad nauseam. And you finally understand why they’ve been avoiding brunch dates lately. In all of these circumstances, your ride or dies have been right there with you - granted, by saying ‘YES’ to your bridesmaid proposal, they kind of signed up for it, but that doesn’t mean they deserve negative energy in their lives until the day you say ‘I Do.’

So, it’s time to admit you’ve been difficult, and decide to do something about it. You’re an appreciative and caring bride, and you’re also creative AF - so the best way to say “Thank you for being there for me #forbetterorworse, I know I’ve made it hard, but hopefully this can make up for some of it” is by going with Greetabl.

Who wouldn’t love a surprise box of sunshine?

Greetabl is a cute way to send a thank you or an “I’m sorry” to anyone related to your wedding - bridesmaids, mama, mother-in-law, even your fiancé (who has definitely dealt with some bridezilla moments at least once or twice and could use a reminder of how much he/she is loved). It’s a little something special to let them know you are thinking about them and grateful for their help. All you need to do to is build your box (choose the pattern/print you want their cube bundle to arrive in and a gift or two to sweeten its contents), personalize your message with their name(s) and thoughtful text and photos inside, and then fill in those delivery details.

Greetabl gift to say 'be my bridesmaid please!'

The gifts are soooo good, too. From sea salt scrubs, to champagne gummies, invigorating facial mists to throwback-worthy friendship bracelets, everything is a millennial girl’s dream. For real, we love them and we mean it 😘

And all they need to do is receive it - at their front door or even at the office [when/where they might be having a particularly struggle city day] - unfold it, and proudly display it anywhere that happiness is welcome.

What’s good for the bride is also good for her wedding dream team

We’re huge fans of Greetabl for brides to gift their loved ones, but the product is also just as great for wedding vendors - photographers, videographers, planners, florists, etc. - to send to their clients or prospective clients! I loved all of my vendors, and gave nearly all of them glowing reviews online and referrals to my own bride-to-be friends, but if any of them had sent me a Greetabl, just because, my love and appreciation would have gone from ❤️ to 😍😍😍. Just sayin'!!

This photographer knows her stuff 👌

If a wedding photog sends Greetabl to a client, she’ll def be getting all the Insta love from her happy clients. Guaranteeeeed.  Because a bride-to-be needs all the min-emergency kits, facial masks, and happy mail she can get. If you've ever been a bride, you know what I mean!!  #pinchprovisionsftw

Greetabl gift from a photographer to her clients

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Greetabl gift to say YAY!

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