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The One Thing You Can’t Honeymoon Without


Couple on honeymoon

Once everything with your wedding is squared away, final payments to your vendors are made, and you breathe a sigh of relief after your last venue walk-thru, it’s easy to fall victim to a senioritis of sorts. All the heavy lifting is done, and you’re just counting down the days before saying ‘I Do,’ so coming home from work, pouring a healthy glass of wine, and parking it on the couch sounds glorious, right? Well, as much as we’d like to say ‘go right ahead, you’ve earned it, have that second glass of Cab before queuing something else up on Netflix’,’ we’re going to stop you right there and caution you to hit the breaks. You still have a honeymoon on the horizon, and you’ll have even less motivation after your wedding to get the s*** done that you need to before jetting off, so why don’t you get moving on that? We've partnered with our friends at Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group to bring you the perfect pre-honeymoon checklist. So, let’s get started!

Here are a few of those absolutely necessary things:

An itinerary loaded with all the pre-booked activities+excursions

Couple reading a map on honeymoon

Honeymoon registries make this part of the picture SO easy, so here’s to hoping you have/had one to ensure your trip is teeming with already-paid-for fancy dinners, bottomless (in more ways than one 😉) brunches, awesome adventures on land+at sea, and the most unexpected sightseeing explorations possible.

The basic, but oh-so-loved ‘absolutely married’ apparel 

Honeymoon what to pack in your suitcase

Wifey for lifey, travel buddies, honeymoon vibes, ‘I Do’ and ‘I do what she says,’ whatever way you want to let everrrrryone know that you’re married AF, we support you! HARD!! Your drunk in love smiles already allude to you being a just-married and super psyched about it couple, but rocking wears that say ‘we’re so past the fiancé phase’ are just 👌. You probably won’t be able to wear novelty status shirts like this again, until you’re preggers, so the time is now. Wear ‘em with pride!

Oh, and one more thing: your rings.

Wedding rings in The Mrs. Box ring boxes

My husband convinced me to leave my engagement ring at home when we honeymooned in Mexico, but I can’t even tell you how much I missed it. So, for anyone, like me, who can’t just leave the rock at home (in safe keeping), here’s the biggest piece of advice we can give:


The folks at Jewelers Mutual® understand that newlyweds need their rings - especially since THAT jewelry is the biggest reminder of their just-married-ness. So, while they recommend that couples leave their jewelry at home - to be dropped off at their jeweler for an inspection and cleaning anyway – as the simplest of safeguards, they’re also realists and just want to make sure the brand-new Mr. and Mrs. don’t have to worry about what’s on their fingers when they’re supposed to be living their best lives on vacay.

Couple kissing on the beach on honeymoon

If you didn’t already get your e-ring insured, now’s the time

That engagement rock is much more than just a ring, and so are those wedding bands, so they need to be insured for all their worth. Jewelers Mutual is an insurance company that exclusively insures jewelry, and has been doing so for over a century (seriously, the company was founded by a small group of jewelers in 1913). They get what jewelry means to their customers, so they’ve built their policies around the way we (and I say we, because we’re ALL jewelry owners+customers) live our lives. They offer the most comprehensive plans in the business, which include worldwide travel coverage --- and we’re talking honeymoons, aren’t we? Not limited to domestic endeavors; flexibility to work with your own jeweler; an optional $0 deductible; coverage for loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance. And with all of the☝️happening on the honeymoon, loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance aren’t totally off the table.

Wedding ring shot

And it literally takes no time at all to make sure the rings are protected

Whether your honeymoon is next month or just a few weeks from now, you can get the coverage you need to guarantee your rings are clear for takeoff. Just like you are with your passport! Jewelers Mutual makes getting a free, personalized online quote quick and easy, so for real, just take care of it now. You won't want one last thing to worry about with a wedding right around the corner.

Add and cross this hot honeymoon item off the list, by getting your rings insured RN. And once you’ve done that, take a peek at some of these quick tips for traveling with jewelry that JM put together. Because they’re nice like that! 

💍 Wear jewelry or pack in carry-on, never check it

💍 Handle your carry-on yourself

💍 Use the hotel safe rather than the room safe

💍 Tuck a necklace into your shirt or turn a ring around to minimize exposure 

Couple embracing on the beach with sunglasses on


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We partnered with Jewelers Mutual Insurance Group to share these tips on how to protect the most sparkling part of your honeymoon. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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