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The Jonas Brothers Agree Couples Who Dance Together, Stay Together

The Jonas Brothers Agree Couples Who Dance Together, Stay Together Photo from:

Yayyy it’s Friday, and even bigger yayyyy that the Jonas Brothers just dropped a new video. We can always count on these three to give us the smiles, and as much as we envy their better halves, we love Sophie, Priyanka, and Danielle, too, because they inspire their men to do what they do. Take on a sunglass-clad Tom Cruise? YES. Jive like a boss John Travolta? YES. Put their love on blast like a trenchcoat-wearing John Cusack? YES YES YESSSS.

ICYMI - here’s the new ‘What A Man Gotta Do’ video

Not sure what we love most. Nick’s legs, Joe’s moves (Rydell, whaddup?), or Kevin’s usj adorableness…

Can’t even deal with the amount of cute in this video, but more than that, we are just so here for the love and admiration these guys have for their girls. It’s pretty obvious that they get sooo pumped to have them in their videos; any opportunity they have to put their ladies on a pedestal, they do. WITH ALL THE PRIDE. 

Yes, this is an appreciation post for the thirst trap that is pantsless Nick Jonas, along with his equally-yum bros, but it’s also our plea for more couples to take note of one of the Jo Bros and J Sisters’ secret weapons for staying so blissfully in love: dancing together and not being afraid to be suuuuper sills.

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We’ve actually talked about the reasons why couples dancing together, stay together, so we’ll do a quick refresh on that:

  1. Dancing teaches patience
  2. Dancing gives you a reason to touch each other
  3. Dancing lets you be silly
  4. Dancing gives you something to master together

Nick and Priyanka, Joe and Sophie, and Kevin and Dani are serving up serious first dance kinda goals with this new video. And after watching it 10 times today, so far ((this will easily be somewhere north of 20 times in a few hours)), we’re hoping their classic movie vignettes go viral and inspire our soon-to-be-marrieds to work some of their own iconic choreography into their big days.

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It’s been wayyyy too long since we’ve seen a hyped-up hand jive rendition like this. But we could def watch it over as a #weddingedition. Same goes for anything with Risky Business or Say Anything vibes. What A Man Gotta Do wedding dance challenge. LET’S GOOOOO

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