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The Donut Bride


donutwedding Photo:

It's official. Donuts or doughnuts whatever your preferred spelling have taken over the world. Well ... at least weddings. If you missed it, earlier this week, Paige Burgess surprised her bridesmaids with donut bouquets. 

bride with donut bouquet Photo:

I DONUT (pun intended) know about you, but there is no way I could wait through the entire ceremony without taking a nibble. I wonder if they had milk in their flasks? How amazing would that be. 

donutweddingideas photo:

See how these bridesmaids react once the bride swaps out their flowers for donut bouquets. “We’re not walking down with these (flowers) we’re walking down with doughnuts!” One of her bridesmaids was quick to ask: “Can we eat them?” Watch the video below to see the whole story play out.

The Donut Bride

have a donut flower arrangement delivered

Surprise anyone with a donut bouquet. Yes, it is actually a thing.  Three sisters wanted to send a unique gift. Well ... because you cannot eat flowers.

Dessert Boxes has only been open for a short amount of time and they whip up about 660 doughnuts a day. The sweet bouquets are shipped out that very afternoon.

Each Donut bouquet is about $78 and they are making about $4,300 a day. Maybe we should start making donuts? Currently they are only shipping in Sydney, Australia. Our chances of receiving one these are slim to none. 

It shouldn't be any surprise to you that Paige Burgess' (bride above) donut bouquet came from Dessert Boxes. Paige is actually the social media manager at Dessert Boxes, so basically Donuts are her life. Paige is so lucky.

donut bouquet because you cannot eat flowers

send a donut bouquet

Dessert Boxes has a variety of options to select from. The caramel bouquet or perhaps you more of a strawberry donut bouquet kinda person. I would not complain either way.

how to send a donut bouquet

Congratulations Paige and triple thumbs up to Dessert Boxes. The Wedding Chicks would love to receive a donut bouquet. 

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