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The Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid In 2018


Bridesmaids in white cap sleeve dresses Bridesmaids In White:

First off how amazing does Jessica Janee's girls look in their White Runway bridesmaid dresses?  Photographed by  Tilly Clifford.  Wondering what the exact style of this lace cap sleeved bridesmaid dress is? We've got you covered here!  

As you can imagine these seven bridesmaids have had a great year prepping and planning for  Jessica Janee's wedding. From the engagement party to the bachelorette/hen party they've been having some serious fun. Now ... how much has all that fun cost? We're not sure on the exact cost of Jessica's bridesmaid, but we do have guestimate cost for all you bridesmaids out there to be. The cost will vary per your location around the world, and the activities that the couple decides upon, but overall we have a rough estimate of the REAL COST of being a bridesmaid in 2018!

The Engagement Party

Engagement Ring Engagement Ring:

She's asked you to stand by her side, and the first event is their engagement party and since you are in the wedding party you're automatically a guest of honor. If you don't live within driving distance, you're going to have to factor in an airline ticket, a place to stay and spending money for the weekend. Plus you'll need to show up with a gift to congratulate them.

Airline Ticket + Snacks at the airport: $300
Weekend Fun Money: $200
Weekend Lodging: Free (hopefully you can stand with a friend)
New Dress & Shoes: $250
Hair & Gel Nails: $160
Engagement Gift and Card: $50

Total Engagement Party Investment With Airfare:  $960
Total Engagement Party Investment Without Airfare: $710

If you're within driving distance then you can cut the cost of airfare out and the weekend fun money from your bridesmaid expense sheet. You can also cut costs by wearing a dress you already have, doing your own nails. But let's be honest, you are so getting a new dress and getting your hair did.

Can you skip the engagement party?
It's more than acceptable if you live out of town to skip the engagement party. The couple, especially the bride will understand that you won't be able to attend. Sending them a congratulations on your engagement card is a lovely gesture. 

The Bridal Shower

Mimosa Bar Bridal Shower Mimosa Bar:

If you're in the wedding party, then it's customary to attend the bridal shower. You should also offer to chip in for the bridal shower and bring the bride-to-be a gift. At the bare minimum, you're going to have to attend,  look nice and buy a gift.

Airline Ticket + Snacks at the airport: $300
Weekend Fun Money: $200
New Dress: $100 (you already bought shoes for the engagement party, so wear those)
Hair & Gel Nails: $160
Bridal Shower Gift and Card: $50
Bridal Shower Chip In Fee: $100

Total Engagement Party Investment With Airfare: $710
Total Engagement Party Investment Without Airfare: $410

The Bachelorette Party

Bachelorette getaway weekend with matching suits Bachelorette Getaway:

Right now Bachelorette getaways are all the rage. You and your squad trot off to a week in Tulum. You wear matching suits, sip margs and get your pre-wedding glow on. It's is going to be magical, but we're going to have to add it to your cost sheet. Dang! Why can't everything be free? 

Alexis Frost and her squad recently headed to Quintana Roo, Mexico. Mexico is fantastic because you can opt to split a room and a lot of the resorts are all-inclusive. So, in actuality, there is little out of pocket cost once you get there. Unless you visit different resorts and bar hop around.

Airfare: $300
Split Room: $150
Spending Money: $200
Money For Bride's Room: $75 chip in fee
Extra Cash To Buy The Bride Drinks: $75
Bachelorette Present: $50 ( See 10 No-Brainer Bachelorette Presents)
Matching Bridesmaid Suit: $50
All those cute dresses and sandals you bought: $200

Total Bachelorette Weekend Investment: $1025

Bachelorette getaway tip!
If you know right away that the bride-to-be is going to want a Bachelorette Getaway, take the initiative and volunteer to start planning it immediately. This way you will know the cost going in and can book in advance. You'll save on airfare and resort fees if you book in advance.

Your Bridesmaid Look

silver sparkly bridesmaid dresses Photography:

Did you notice that I said Bridesmaid Look? Your bridesmaid look is so much more than the dress. It's the hair, makeup, nails, and shoes. Think about the last time you went to a fancy event. Everything you did for that event you will need to do for this wedding.  Silver bridesmaid dress above by Sweet Caroline Styles and photographed by  Pretty Branch Photo.  They're awesome we know

The average cost of Bridesmaid Dress: $150
Shoes: $100
Gel Maini/Pedi: $60
Wedding Hair & Makeup: $100
Jewelry: $0 (typically if a bride would like you to wear certain earrings or jewelry she will gift it to you)
Getting Ready Robe: $0 (Another cost typically covered by the bride)
Flowers: $0 (Any bouquet or floral crown will also be typically provided by the bride)
Shapewear:  $148 (A really good Spanx bodysuit that you will wear again)

Your Bridesmaid Look: $558

The Wedding

blush natural bridesmaids Jordan Voth:

Besides sending a gift to the bride and groom there a few other costs you'll have to take into consideration. The cost of travel and lodging along with incidentals for the wedding weekend. But, it's for your bestie and she will do it for you when then the time comes if she hasn't already. 

Airline Ticket + Snacks at the airport: $300
Hotel: $150
Uber to the venue: $30
Starbucks day of and next day: $15
Tylenol and water because you drank too much: $5
Wedding Gift: $50
Celebrating your best friends: Priceless

Day Of  Wedding Day Costs: $500

The Cost Of Being A Bridesmaid In 2018

Eclectic bridesmaid dressesWedding Photographer:

By now you're like I am not going to spend that, buy that or do that. We are very well aware and we know that all pre-wedding events are going to different and we've inflated all the costs. In the end, it is up to you what you choose to do and purchase.

Of course, you do not have a get a new dress or get your nails done for every event and you might not need to book a plan to go to each event. However, it's those little expenses that add up and surprise you, so take note and start saving if you know it's going to be a fun year. The below costs is if you plan on going all out for every event as bridesmaid. 

Total Engagement Party Investment With Airfare: $960
Total Engagement Party Investment With Airfare: $710
Total Bachelorette Weekend Investment: $1025
Your Bridesmaid Look: $558
Day Of Wedding Day Costs: $500
Total Bridesmaid Cost In 2018: $3,753

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