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The Best Thing to Drink If You’re Not Going Anywhere This Summer


The Best Thing to Drink If You’re Not Going Anywhere This SummerPhoto Credit:

Omgosh, guys, it’s summer. Like officially summer. And I’ve always preferred fall most of all, but something about this summer is really, really doing it for me. The sun, the fun, the weeks that don’t feel quiteeee as lame and tiresome, even though they’re just as long. The promise of the weekend, with all the summery things to do, just gets us through. That, and vacations. Knowing there’s a vacay on the horizon can make anyone feel more than 100percent. For anyone else, though, who may be homeward bound for the season, a great way to stay relaxed, refreshed, and carefree when it’s sunny is with some festive bubbly. Blanc de Bleu has our absolute favorite sip for the summer months - so even if you have no plans to be wheels up anytime soon, you can still get a fizzy lift from this delicate, crisp, and themed-perfectly-for-summer thirst quencher.

That color just takes you somewhere blue.

You can’t look at a bottle of Blanc de Bleu and not immediately be transported somewhere tropical. No ocean water looks this incredible, so even an East Coast or West Coast beach trip won’t get you those “but look at that waterrrrr” mesmerized vibes. You need to be somewhere islandy to see water that blue and dreamy, but if you’re not jet-setting somewhere wet and wild, then chillin poolside with a glass of this sparkling stuff is *just* as good. Promise, a few sips paired with some steel drum jams in the back, it’ll get you there☀️🌊🏖️.

… This is how we’ve been spending our summer Fridays. Just for some perspective… 

The Best Thing to Drink If You’re Not Going Anywhere This Summer

Who needs vacay when your own backyard can be an oasis?

We get it, there’s nothing quite like escaping your routine and getting away for a few days. But, if you’re staying home for the summer, then make the most of it. Set up some resort-style lounges around your pool, the more cabana you go, the better, and bring a few cool outdoor table options to the table. If you’re having guests over, they’ll love the sunny-weather makeover. Just style some little stools with a just-popped bottle of blue bubbly, some extra large champagne flutes, and a simple banana or palm leaf focal point…. Nope, Dorothy, we’re not in Kansas anymore…

The Best Thing to Drink If You’re Not Going Anywhere This Summer

You know those pool floats you have so many of?

Well, they look the best when there are bottles of bubbly bobbing up and down in them.

A few weeks ago, I was shopping and managed (hah, managed…as if it was that hard) to spend enough to walk out with a few freebies. Three adorable beverage-holding pool floats. I was totally skeptical about them working, but Memorial Day in my sister’s pool proved me so wrong. Inflatable cup holders FTW.

The Best Thing to Drink If You’re Not Going Anywhere This Summer

And truthfully, we’re all adults, as easy as it is to rock some red Solo cups - beautiful blue bubble minis are so much classier. As you wait for your friends and fam to arrive, blow up a few of your favorite floaties (we like pineapples and unicorns and rainbows #yaaaspride), add some chilled bottles of cuvée, with ribbon-attached straws, and let them pretty up your pool.

Works, too, if you’ll be forgoing a big destination bachelorette to stay local with your crew. Any pool can feel like one in Palm Springs, if you believe in it.

The Best Thing to Drink If You’re Not Going Anywhere This Summer

Oh! And if you just got engaged this summer, then lean in, sista.

When we say that, we mean get all the soon-to-be Mrs. bathing suits, paint your nails #somethingblue, and pop bottles ALL. SUMMER. LONG. 🍾🍾🍾.

If you don’t have a pic like this after three months, then you did it wrong….

The Best Thing to Drink If You’re Not Going Anywhere This Summer

It doesn't have to be a bummer of a summer, after all... 


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We partnered with Blanc de Bleu to give brides and their besties #somethingblue to drink for the summer. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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