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Breville Smart Oven add this to your Wedding Registry

Truth! Breville reached out to us and thanked us for including their  Professional Espresso Machine (for the true coffee drinker) in our 6 Heirloom Items You'll What to Add To Your Registry post asking if we wanted to test drive their Breville Smart Oven. I was over the moon excited! It basically is the queen bee of all countertop ovens. 

It has an AIR FRYER (yes, I am yelling air fryer) and 12 other must-have functions. It will toast, broil, bake, roast, warm, proof, reheat, slow cook and dehydrate. 

I am not going to lie, we use our Smart Oven more than our regular oven and even more than our microwave now. We also tossed our toaster because this is now our toaster. Honestly, this tiny powerhouse does everything.

Read on to see what you can make in this and where you can add this beauty to your wedding registry. Trust me, you will thank me later. 

Breville Smart Oven


It also comes with the following so you can be a master chef.
• 13" pizza pan
• 2 oven racks,
• 9"x13" broil rack and enamel roasting pan
• Mesh basket rack for dehydrating and air frying

Breville Smart Oven add this to your Wedding Registry

what you can make with your smart oven

This particular oven has Element IQ® technology. It moves the power around the oven to deliver precise cooking temperatures in the right place at the right time for perfect results.

You able to cook anything and everything from a 14lb turkey, a pie, fries, and you can dehydrate a range of foods.  I have made hamburgers (less fattening) apple pie and pizza, french fries, we've even made granola. We use it every morning for bagels and waffles and whatever we need to heat up.

Breville Smart Oven add this to your Wedding Registry

Where to register for your smart oven

Register for it directly here on Breville

Register for it here on Amazon

Register for here on Williams Sonoma

Breville Smart Oven add this to your Wedding Registry

As we mentioned before, it makes the yummiest pizza. The cheese is gooey and the crust is just right. Below is I now go to staple, homemade granola. This is my new favorite machine and you're crazy if you do not add this to your registry. 

Breville Smart Oven add this to your Wedding Registry

Breville Smart Oven

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