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That First Dance Gold: You’ll Know It When You Hear It

That First Dance Gold: You’ll Know It When You Hear ItPhoto Credit:

Okay guys, so you know that feeling when you hear a song for the first time, and you’re like OMG - I could listen to this forever? Yah, that’s exactly how we felt when we listened to “Incredible” by James TW (off his debut album, “Chapters”) for the first time. Everything about this song has sway factor, and I can’t even wait to shower tomorrow morning so that I can belt it (HARD). We’ll get into all the things we love about this power ballad, but if there’s anything you need to get from this post, please get this: you’ll be marrying someone soon and will dance with him or her in front of all of your favorite people; when you choose that song, you’re going to want to make sure it’s something you could imagine yourself singing forever, learning the lyrics and letting them live within your soul always. Not too different than how your husband or wife will be, right??!

My husband and I danced to “Chasing Cars” when we got married 5 years ago, and it’s still one of our all-time favorite songs in life. We sing it to our son, get excited when it comes on Pandora, and have never regretted choosing it for our first dance song. But you knowww, as the girl in the relationship, I’ve always appreciated songs sung by charismatic crooners who just can’t handle how much they love and adore their ladies. And need songs to express the magnitude. 

Eric Clapton: Wonderful Tonight. Who else has gotten major first dance vibes from this song? It will always be on our lists, but James TW: Incredible, you’re the 2019 contemporary of this classic. And we’re obsessed. If you’re not familiar with James TW, you need to get acquainted, because we can tell you right now, this swoony British Neil Patrick Harris-doppelgänger is about to deliver you first dance gold.

That First Dance Gold: You’ll Know It When You Hear It

Here’s just a quick comparison of their first verses.

How many of you have heard lyrics like this and feel like your man could only be singing them to you? The way you wear your dress, the way you do your hair, how you do your makeup, and how you sing your favorite song (because he picks up on it, he studies all of your quirks, your smirks, your preferences and persuasions, and loves you for ALL of them).

Wonderful Tonight

It's late in the evening; she's wondering what clothes to wear

She puts on her make-up and brushes her long blonde hair

And then she asks me, "Do I look all right?"

And I say, "Yes, you look wonderful tonight"


That First Dance Gold: You’ll Know It When You Hear It

You're wearing that dress I like

Those heels make you six feet high

In the taxi you're trying to put your make-up on

While singing the words to your favourite song

My god, it's been awhile

Since the last time I saw you smile

Sometimes life gets so crazy that we can forget

All the little things we did back when we first met

At every refrain, too, James sings:

It's getting late, wish we could stay like this forever

Dancing 'till both our feet ache

My love, nothing can break these arms

In your embrace, this crowded room doesn't matter

But dancing like it's our own stage

My love, I just wanna say that you look incredible tonight

That First Dance Gold: You’ll Know It When You Hear ItPhoto Credit:

When will you look more incredible than you did on your wedding day?

Every day to follow, of course 😉. But my goshh, it’s just so appropriate.

try not to 😭😭😭 over this video (we can’t say we didn’t)

There are just so many reasons to love this guy - make sure you’re following him on IG

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We partnered with Island Records to give couples a hint about what to choose for that first dance song. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!