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Thanks to Emma Stone Now We All Want Pearl Engagement Rings


Thanks to Emma Stone Now We All Want Pearl Engagement Rings Ring from:

Emma Stone became one of my favorites back when Superbad came out in 2006. And ever since, I’ve felt like she’s my soul sister. We’re the same age, we dated (well, I married) guys that look pretty damn similar - Andrew Garfield, WTF happened dude?!?!! - and we both love ourselves some Jennifer Lawrence. Well, girlfriend is officially engaged, and we couldn’t be any more amped to see how this La La Land lady will fete her happily ever after.

Confession: I know verrrry little about her new fiancé. TBH, when the news broke the other day, I first found myself saying “wait, she was dating someone?” and then I started stalking TF out of the man she’ll marry. I’ve learned that Ms. Stone’s stud, Dave McCary, is a producer at Saturday Night Live - so he’s obvi got a legit sense of humor and he’s super cute, major points. But what we like about him most? His choice taste in engagement rings. The guy has laid down a whole new set of goals for getting-married jewelry, and it starts with pearls.

Because colored gemstones are gorgeous and diamonds do their thing, but pearls? They symbolize so much in terms of beauty, sophistication, poshness. It isn’t all Audrey Hepburn but make it fashion, either. Holly Golightly will always be iconic for what she’s done with a chunky strand of pearls; however, RN, pearl rings are doing the most. Whether they’re worn as a solitaire center focal point or set in the middle of some sparkly side stones, pearl motifs make breathtaking ring choices. And Emma Stone is for sure going to become the poster person for pearl e-jewelry, because there’s really no one more America’s Sweetheart than she.

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Over the last day or so, Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue have made some guesses about the identity of the actress’s ring - and they’re totally astute in their assessment: Emma said “YES” to a nearly $5K Winter Pearl Ring crafted by master jeweler, Yoshinobu Kataoka. And yes, it’s available at Catbird, one of our all-time favorite fine jewelry couturiers.

The surrounding diamond snowflake setting is totally on-point for this time of year… if you’re one for a holiday proposal ((#engagementseason holla!!!)), but in actuality, the sparkle is pretty much gold year-round.

Fans of Emma, fans of pearls, fans of trendy AF engagement wear, these designers have you covered - if you’re currently crushing on this creamy ring finger bling!

‘Holy Mother (of pearl)! You gotta check it!’ 💍

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Twisted band with single pearl captured by @tonywodarck

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