TFW a Hotel Just Doesn’t Fit With Your Festival Wedding Vibe


TFW a Hotel Just Doesn’t Fit With Your Festival Wedding Vibe Photo Credit:

First of all, TG that bohemian weddings have officially become a staple in the ‘I Do’ style guide. From the dresses, to the open air venues, flower choices to the elevated (and night-ending-worthy) campfire cuisine, the elements that couples with boho ambitions want to play a part in their parties are some of OUR faves, but then it comes time to think about lodging… Tents and tarps, trailers and teepees, ehh, after a long day of celebrating the couple, most guests would just as well go back home to crash in their own beds or take the shuttle back to a swanky hotel to post up until brunch the next morning. It’s one thing if you’re the pair who got married and you’re game for roughing it after the best day of your lives, but let’s be honest, outdoor accommodations probably aren’t exactly what your people envisioned for sleepover provisions. That is, until now. We’ve been stalking the coolest creative caravan for weddings these days, The Campfire Experience, and we’re so into what they do, that we’re about ready to hitch a ride with their Wedding Village go-to gal and hope for +1 status at all their weddings. We can do that, right?

Kumbayaaaas they’re kind of awesome.

So, how did The Campfire Experience come to be? And who does it cater to? Well, everyone, really. They’ve got bases in Boulder, CO and Columbus, OH, but they travel nationwide and are in awe of the many amazing spaces they’ve gotten to know and love. In particular, though, their biggest fans tend to be: the unconventional brides, the outdoorsy grooms, the wanderers, the free-spirits, the lovers. Campfire couples are more than clients, they are part of a community. And this community was founded on one central mission: to help people disconnect from things and reconnect to one's self, to one another, and to the natural beauty around them. Consider the sanctity and calm of an unplugged wedding and that jack that WAY up.

TFW a Hotel Just Doesn’t Fit With Your Festival Wedding Vibe

Like moths to a flame, The Campfire Experience attracts couples who are likewise on board with adventure and self-reflection and an appreciation for separation. In turn, the crew at TCE loves creating beautiful spaces where couples can celebrate not only their love, but their passions with their friends and family.

Most of their loyalists have a love for the great outdoors, but that’s not to say that their guests are totally down for that camping life. That’s why TCE is so great, because they help newlyweds make their campground novice guests into glamping gurus by the end of their wedding weekend. Literally, they’re not only excited to experience a night sleeping under the stars without sacrificing comfort or style, they’re damn-well delighted. Both couples and their besties love that they can celebrate into the wee hours of the night with no time restrictions dictating when the celebration should end. Instead of wedding days, couples create wedding weekends. That’s what it’s all about, after all… More memories can only come out of more time spent together!

TFW a Hotel Just Doesn’t Fit With Your Festival Wedding Vibe

So, what fuels their [camp]fire?

Well, to start, The Campfire Experience is a woman-led company with a majority of women making up the actual build team (umm how badass is that?). They do the heavy lifting, they drive trucks cross country and build villages for their guests whatever the weather. Truly, they pride themselves on working hard and creating beautiful spaces for their clients 🌧️ or ☀️.

And when it comes to what motivates their team? It’s 100p about the stories they get to witness when they’re at work. They’ll remember that the farm you are getting married on has been in your family for 100 years. They’ll remember that you were inspired by that one birthday scene in the Lord of the Rings movie. That you planned your entire wedding around it, in fact. They’ll not only listen to those desired details, they’ll live them, breathe them, bookmark those snippets, bring items from their warehouse to fit seamlessly into your scene. They’ll remember that you love to write and add a vintage typewriter to your bridal suite. They’ll remember that your mom is a veterinarian and that while your dad doesn’t say much, you are the apple of his eye. He will cut down (literal) fences for you. They’ll remember ALL of this, because this a company built on passion. Built on community. They’re about you and your experience, The Campfire Experience.

TFW a Hotel Just Doesn’t Fit With Your Festival Wedding Vibe

How about s’more on the actual setup?

Well, everything can be a la carte - meaning tent rentals on their own are definitely doable. So, if the barn or whimsy woodland venue you’ve got worked out in your head has almost everything you want, but you can’t get that one tent or those many textures you have top of mind erased from your vision, then The Campfire Experience can help. That being said, going back to the idea of ‘community’ and togetherness, their Wedding Villages are really the dreamcatcher delight here. These packages include iconic bell tents fully outfitted with rugs, a cozy queen mattress on top of a bed frame with soft linens, side tables and lanterns. Some brides and grooms will choose to add their Luxe Lounge tents or Speakeasy Bar tents to create additional super instagrammable hangout spaces for their guests. Why go with a hotel when you can give your guests keys to a whole village…. Hollaaa!

Oh! And the pictures don’t lie… no Fyre effect here 😉

"The entire Campfire Experience team was thoughtful, communicative, and pleasant to work with. They were on time, efficient, and flexible. The tents looked amazing and our guests loved them. They gave the wedding a great vibe. We got a bridal suite and a tent village for the bridal party. This way we could keep the party going all night and prevent our guests from staying in a boring hotel. They were great for photo opps and the beds were extremely comfortable. I highly recommend them!" ~ Hunter

TFW a Hotel Just Doesn’t Fit With Your Festival Wedding Vibe

So, if you’re feeling like a hotel just isn’t vibing with your kind of vows, check out The Campfire Experience wedding world and email for availability. Mention the Wedding Chicks in your email to score 10 percent off of any booking now thru March.


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