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Ten Wedding Registry Items You Should Add

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How much fun are you having building your wedding registry? You've been meticulously planning out the perfect registry for months, and are all set with your beautiful dinnerware, your complete flatware set, new towels, that amazing mint colored mixer, and those adorable napkins. Now all the things you have been coveting for you new home will soon be yours!
You might think you have everything you need, but we have a few  you might have missed. Here are our ten registry items we think you should add to your Macy's Wedding Registry, that you may have forgotten about.

Macy's wedding registry items

Dish Rack That glorious China Set that you registered for is not dishwasher safe. Yes… you need to hand wash them! Luckily we can personally vouch for this simplehuman Dish Rack. It is really amazing! Even though we have a dishwasher, it is used daily. Our favorite feature is the oversized utensil holder for our knives that are not dishwasher safe, and that removable wine glass holder is great when we have guests over. Generally your wine glasses are dishwasher safe, but for your extra fancy ones you will want to wash them by hand.

Trash Can Although a trash can is not exactly glamorous and tends to hide under the sink, it will more than likely be your most used gift. Choose one that will sort trash and recyclables, making you one step closer to saving the planet. Bonus! This smarthuman Trash Can comes with a 10-year warranty! So, you can ask for another one at your ten year vow renewal.

Hamper After you have organized your wardrobes, you’re going to need to put those dirty clothes somewhere. Register for a sturdy hamper like this Neatfreak Hampers, Everfresh Laundry Triple Sorter that doubles as an ironing board. Hello space saver! Plus this triple sorter has environmentally-friendly enzymes built into the fabric of the sorters to keep your laundry room stink and stench free. Since we all know your husbands socks do not smell April fresh.
A High Powered Vacuum like the Dyson DC50 . This  mega machine works in parallel to increase airflow and capture even more microscopic dust. We promise that you will use this almost daily, and be happy that your floors and the air around you is clean. A higher priced registry item, but a must have!

Iron Since you have that handy dandy new ironing board, upgrade to a new iron. The Rowenta DG5030 is powered by steam, wrinkles virtually melt off your clothing. A little pricer than a regular iron, but unless you have just bought in a commercial laundry system for your own home, less trips to the dry cleaner…Hooray!

Macy's Wedding Registry

Roasting Pan Guess whose turn it is to cook for the next holiday? Yep … yours. Trust us you will use it again and again to host your loved ones. Especially if you use this gorgeous Mauviel Tri-Ply Copper Roasting Pan... it will make you want to cook again and again. Bonus, it has a lifetime warranty, so it is your forever roasting pan - just like your love.

Serving Platter Speaking of holidays, since you are getting the roasting pan, might as well get the platters too. You will need to cook the turkey and dish it up, even though those aluminum bakers pans are handy it will be an eye sore at your table. Be sure to register for extra platters and serving dishes to prepare for your first holiday dinner. Just like the Villeroy & Boch Urban Nature Collection above. We love the modern relaxed flair it has, and that it is dishwasher and microwave safe... bonus!

Food Storage Since you are going to become an extraordinary chef with all your amazing new gadgets, you are going to have a lot of leftovers. Be sure to register for a food storage system that is also easily stored. The key to a spic and span space. We love ones with different colored lids to brighten things up like this The Pyrex 19 Piece Bake, Store and Prep Set.

Herb and Spice Rack Again, all about optimizing space and organizing your kitchen is key. You can toss out all of your free floating spices and use this Martha Stewart space-saving spice rack. Place it on your counter top, and it will not take up a lot of space, because it sits flush against the wall leaving lots of room for all those fancy meals you are going to make.

Closet Organizer With this easy system, you can extend hanging space. The Neat Freak Organization System does not require any tools for installation and is so easy to move and shift around when your wardrobe or your closet grows. With a one year warranty you can get a new one for your first anniversary if need be.
Although some of the items are not incredibly glamorous, we assure you they are all things you will use daily, and will be so glad you added them to your Macy's wedding registry. Do you think we missed any? Let us know, helpful tips are always appreciated. Happy Wedding Planning!

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