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Sweet Treats + Spring Cuteness


Sweet Treats + Spring Cuteness

I seriously can not believe Friday is already here. The week flew by and we are preparing some delicious treats for you next week. In the meantime kick back relax and enjoy some sweet treats.

1. The first image is from one of our favorite wedding stylists, Amorology Weddings! It has to be one of my favorite weddings and I suggest that you view the entire celebration by clicking here.

2. I found this spectacular cake over at Christine Olson Photography. It is created by Pastry Arts Barran. Both are Utah wedding vendors. So, if you are getting married in Utah look them up.

3. I love anything gold! Thanks to Picotte Photography for some Vintage Smog Shoppe Delight. The wedding is fresh, fun and fabulous. See the entire spread here.

4. I received a lovely email from Hallie on how fabulous her Mom's calligraphy was. If you are looking for a calligrapher in Cleavland call up Her work looks pretty solid.

5. Last but not least here is beautiful photo from Tag7 Studio that was featured in Real Weddings. Always fabulous. Remember the A Castle Wedding In Germany... love that wedding.

Sweet Treats + Spring Cuteness

1. Check out new dress designer Tara LaTour Lindemeier

2. Get some Personalized Bridesmaid Gifts from LE LABO

3. Rock out at The Parker Palm Springs for a modern punk rock wedding

4. Print out some Will you be my Groomsman Cards for free

5. Check out a hip Orange County Courthouse Wedding which includes some fabulous Louis Vuitton black pumps

6. Get your New York Fancy on and check out some Vintage Inspired Wedding Gowns

7. Be inspired by some Studio Choo Unique Wedding Flowers

8. Feel the vintage love from our Columbus Real Wedding

9. Check out What Is Going On With Real Brides

10. Swing on over to our Purple Fairytale Wedding