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Sunshine Yellow Real Wedding in Austin, TX

Real Wedding: Alli + Brandon

Alli + Brandon's Yellow Real Wedding with FroYo ice bar by Your Very Own Fairy Godmother in Austin, TX

Alli + Brandon are a HAPPY couple.  The sunshine yellow, black, and white color palette fit their personalites perfectly.  The flowers were stunningly gorgeous, and the surprise ice bar to serve their favorite icy treat (FroYo) was a huge hit with every guest!
The details were seemingly endless, each very carefully planned, from the custom hand-rolled and hand-sewn neck ties for the groomsmen that said "Brickley Special Ops" on the backs to the inclusion of "Marry Me" in the FroYo ice bar as an homage to the groom's thoughtful proposal to his bride.
See more of Alli + Brandon's Austin, Texas wedding details on the Fairy Godmother blog.
The bride's tip for you: "The best advice I would give any bride, besides hiring a wedding planner, is to take 15 minutes to eat after your ceremony and before your reception with your groom alone. One, you will not have time to eat at the reception, and two, it was the best 15 minutes to soak it up that “WHOA we just got married” feeling!  Thank you to our Fairy Godmothers for encouraging it!"
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