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Storymix Media: Chelsea and Sam's Cinco de Mayo Wedding


It was always a dream of mine to have an outdoor ceremony at sunset. My search for a wedding venue took me to a location with a breathtaking outdoor ceremony site. I called immediately and, of course, almost every date was booked, except for May 5…yes Cinco De Mayo. I remember thinking: can I plan this wedding in less than a year? My fiancé and I were engaged in October which gave us about seven months until the big day. It seemed like too short of a time to get everything accomplished, but I jumped in and booked our location at the Woodcliff Hotel in Fairport New York. This was it. I was going to have the outdoor wedding I had my heart set on it, weather permitting. Would you believe it snowed almost 10 inches just 3 weeks before our wedding! Needless to say I was more than a little nervous. I must have checked the weather at least 20 times a day the week before. It turned out to be a lovely spring day in Western New York.. a beautiful site on a cliff at sunset in the spring time. It was a dream come true. Friends of ours were recently married and highly recommended using Storymix Media to capture our wedding day moments in a more personalized way.

Storymix Media: Chelsea and Sam's Cinco de Mayo Wedding

And that gave me an idea…I wanted to use the cameras to record personal messages to each other the night before the wedding. From my hotel room, I looked into the camera and spoke from my heart to the man I was about to marry. He did the same for me. The next morning one of my bridesmaids delivered our wedding gifts to each other along with the cameras. Seeing each other and hearing the heartfelt messages was so reassuring and comforting to us on such an overwhelming day. It put us in the right frame of mind to remember what was most important about this day: the love we have for one another and how incredibly happy we are to start a life together.

Storymix Media: Chelsea and Sam's Cinco de Mayo Wedding

The ceremony was perfect for us. With tear filled eyes we shared personalized vows. We laughed as I accidently placed his ring on the wrong hand. We walked back down the aisle to one of our favorite songs. Sam’s father was his best man and gave such a touching toast. My sister, the maid of honor, and my father gave equally heartfelt speeches. There was not a dry eye in the room. We danced the night away with our family and friends. The dance floor was filled the entire night! To our surprise my aunt brought about 20 sombreros as a nod to Cinco de Mayo! It was a hit! I had my own surprise for everyone: a second dress. It was a short, sassy dress that allowed me to dance and move. I highly recommend it. So many people told us to try to stop and look around; take in the day and enjoy every moment. We tried but the day is such a whirlwind it’s difficult to remember everything. Thanks to Storymix Media we have the chance to see it all.

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