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Still Need To Pick Out The Bling For The Wedding? Lauren B Can Help

square cute diamond rings from Lauren B

Holy GIA certified diamonds Batman! Did anyone else's jaws just hit the floor when they saw these rings? Not only are these Lauren B engagement rings stunning masterpieces of sparkle, but you know they are the best certified quality. With finely crafted jewelry set with glittering diamonds and colored gemstones, if you still need to pick out the bling for the wedding, Lauren B can help! Keep scrolling to find out more about these gorgeous wedding rings and to add just a little bit more sparkle into your day! 

Oval Cute Two-Tone Engagement Ring

Let's talk Two-Tone

Perhaps even more popular than fully rose or yellow gold rings is two-tone.... but why?  The main reasons are contrast and color. Check out one of our most popular designs, the two tone double edge halo RS-246 for and oval center diamond. Keeping white gold around the center-stone helps maintain its naturally colorless appearance and prevents the surrounding metal color from bleeding into it. Also it creates a strong contrast from the band to the top and really makes the center-piece stand out

If you really want to fly under the radar you can add just a touch of color to your ring such as these designs where only Lauren B's signature pave wrap is done in rose gold and the rest of the rings are done in white The opposite of this would be doing the entire ring in one color and only the wrap in white gold to make the wrap stand out such as this two tone round cut diamond engagement ring with the diamond wrap in white. Another big seller has been moissanite rings... want to learn why? click here

colored gemstone rings from Lauren B

Find a Style Or Create One All Your Own!

Not really sure what you are looking for? No problem, Lauren B has been doing this for years and they love guiding you to the perfect piece. Are you interested in art-deco or a vintage style? Maybe you are more into the modern and edgy look, whatever your style Lauren B's Lepozzi collection has something for everyone. 

Customizing is huge right now, so why not make sure this is the ring of your dreams by designing it from scratch! Curious to find out more? Read up on customizing your ring or browse the Lauren B collections on their website here. Or get an up close look in their brand new showroom at 44 East 46th Street, New York, NY 10017. Be sure to follow them on Instagram @laurenbjewelry for dazzling rings on the daily! 

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