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Stephanie Rawcliffe Photography

South Florida's wedding photographer Stephanie Rawcliffe Photography @weddingchicks


Wedding Chicks Member: Stephanie Rawcliffe Photography Serving: Miami, South Florida and Beyond See more: Portfolio Get Social: Facebook | Twitter | Pinterest | Instagram A few words from Stephanie Rawcliffe Photography:It didn’t take much time or exploration for Stephanie to realize that photography is her personal medium of expression.  From the moment she walked into a dark room at fourteen years old, she knew that film photography would be her own creative outlet.  Two decades in fast forward and her passion is still on fire, ignited by an industry built on the foundation of love.  Fine art weddings entraps her heart’s desire to document her client’s celebration of unity.  Life is a huge circle of moments set up by a Divine design, the preservation of them is her passion’s desire.
While Stephanie's time behind the lens allows her to embrace her personal passion, it also affords Stephanie the chance to work with industry peers; capturing the labor of love that goes into their medium of expression.  Clients inject heart and soul into perfecting their special day and the artisans they choose to express details of themselves should not pass without record.  There’s only one shot, one moment to make the memory and Stephanie believe in the preservation of those memories.

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