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Staying True to Your Vows in Sickness and Health


Staying True to Your Vows in Sickness and Health

Rob Roberts of Muscle to Bone Fitness and Dannielle knew that getting married to each other was a dream come true. Being faithful and truly standing by your vows is important to them both.

Rob and Dannielle were extremely excited to get married at a beautiful church and on a bright sunny day. Little did they know that the very next day their lives would change forever. The next day while on their honeymoon at Walt Disney World, Dannielle had a medical emergency. Dannielle suddenly stopped walking and had trouble speaking. After visiting several doctors and finally speaking with a neurologist in North Carolina, Rob was informed that he had good news and bad news. 

Staying True to Your Vows in Sickness and Health

The neurologist advised Rob that his newlywed, Dannielle, would never walk again or never bare any children. The doctor then tried to hand Rob a business card to a divorce lawyer and told Rob that he should get a divorce immediately and leave Dannielle because she was going to be a vegetable and be a burden in his life.

From Rob

 I am a former Award-Winning United States Federal Law Enforcement Officer. I left my career due to my wife struggling with a chronic illness called Multiple Sclerosis. My wife was fine until the day after we got married. On our honeymoon in Walt Disney World, our life changed forever. My wife was later diagnosed and told that she would never walk again. We fought through unbelievable odds. This story has now inspired people around the world and it has also spawned a social media challenge that has gone worldwide. 

Staying True to Your Vows in Sickness and Health

Rob loved his wife and refused to accept that offer and Rob refused to give up on his wife. Rob told his wife that she was going to have the ability to walk and write again. He also told her that they were going to have the son that they always dreamed about named Michael. Rob then showed Dannielle another room in the house that was now painted blue and filled with toys and the name Michael was on the wall. Soon after, Dannielle was able to regain her ability to walk better and she was now able to write. They later had a baby boy and named him Michael.

This story has now gained national attention and has spawned a social media challenge that has participants in over 15 countries worldwide. (#Pushup4ms) This marriage was meant to be.

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