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Simple Succulent Wedding Under 10k

shanna and chance photography

Shanna and Chance tied the knot in simple church wedding ceremony, followed by a dessert reception at the Louise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts Ice House. From the cotton used in the bouquets to a homemade cross used in the ceremony all to the way to the rosemary toss as the bride and groom exited the reception, this wedding was all about the personal touches.
Since they were on a budget, friends and family pitched in. As you see the day turned out simply lovely and they kept within their budget. Hooray! You can read on to hear their cost break down and of course view the full gallery captured by Jordan Washer Photography.

getting wedding ready

getting wedding ready

From the Bride:
I knew I wanted something with a vintage lace feel to match my veil. I also knew I didn't want to spend the money it takes for a couture or boutique dress. So I went to a local David's Bridal and after trying on a few more casual dresses I tried this one which was a bit poofier than I envisioned. But once it was on and I got to twirl around with my hands in the POCKETS...I was sold.

My entire wedding had succulents throughout it so I obviously had to incorporate succulents into it. I was trying to think of how to have a unique and cost-efficient bouquet when the idea of cotton donned on me. The reason I chose cotton was to honor Chance's family who are cotton farmers. Plus I think it looked really cool.

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shanna and chance photography

My favorite memory is honestly the ceremony. Standing on stage looking straight at Chance and being too caught up in the reality of what was happening to even notice anyone else or be worried about cake or flowers or hair or anything else that could take away the beauty of the commitment being made between us and God. I was most relaxed, most comfortable, and most at ease when we were standing together, making the commitment we had been dreaming of. It was pure bliss to soak that moment in. It was truly the most complete joy on this side of Heaven.

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The cross: I couldn't figure out how I wanted to decorate the church for the longest time. I mentioned to Chance's family off-handedly that my absolute dream would be just to have a big wooden cross adorned in flowers behind us when they said they could make it happen! His dad built us the cross with some help from his mom which made it super special to us. I was so happy with it because it was a reminder of the purpose of our day. Weddings can get out of hand crazy and it was sweet for us to see a simple set-up reminding us how sweet this day really was.

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succulent wedding cake

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Get a closer look at this simple succulent wedding by watching the wedding film below created by C. Fisher Productions.

Read on to see how much this simple succulent wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you. Also you can read what she would have changed about her wedding.

We totaled at roughly $10,000 altogether but specifically...

(Some of this I am rounding but it's all close if not right on the dot.)
Photography: $1,100
Reception venue: $1,200
Church: $350
Bouquets & bouts: $700
Succulent for centerpieces: $250
Cross floral & baby's breath: $200
DJ: favor from a friend Cakes: $300 together Desserts: $500 for cost of food (although I suspect my aunt didn't tell us the real price because she is a sweet angel and won't let us pay a dime more)
Dress: $600
Veil: family heirloom Grooms attire: $300
Videographer: $300
We had a LOT of favors called in (everything from tablecloths to serving pieces to the desk at the reception entryway were borrowed from friends. I made the pots on the centerpieces an Chance's dad made our cross. My former roommates picked all the rosemary for the exit from the greenhouse one of them works at for no cost. Things like that cut costs SIGNIFICANTLY.)

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CakeBakery Creations
Ceremony VenueRedeemer Church Lubbock
CinematographyC. Fisher Productions
FavorsThe Succulent Source
FlowersEucca Floral Studio
Flowers for CrossKelsey Williams Weddings + Events@kelseywilliamsweddings
GarterFlorie Mitton
Hair & MakeupSalon E
PhotographerJordan Washer Photography
Reception VenueLouise Hopkins Underwood Center for the Arts Ice House
Registries & GiftsTarget
Shoe DesignerSole Society