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Should You Only Register For One Set Of Dishes?

Gold Lenox Dishes

My mom has a wooden hutch filled with serving plates, saucers, mugs and about a thousand knick knacks. It even has it's own dedicated light switch, so all the  plates and dishes can really show off. Unfortunately, my mom never dusts the hutch so those tiny lights are never turned on. That isn't even the saddest part, all those beautiful dishes never even leave that hutch. Not for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthday parties or fancy tea parties. Sadly they are doomed for eternity in that big wooden hutch. 

So, our answer is an overwhelming YES! You should only register for one set of dishes that will be used and loved or your other dishes will be locked up, waiting to be used. Let's break tradition and register for one set of dishes that we will use everyday. Now read on hear a few Wedding Chicks tips on selecting Fine China that you'll use everyday.

Lenox Fine China

This maybe obvious, but the first step to registering for dishes that you will use everyday is make sure you and your partner really like the way they look.  You'll be looking down at them all the time, and you should really enjoy what you are looking at. Pick something that speaks to you. Of course, you can do all white, but how fun is that?

We personally love this Pristmatic Gold dinnerware above by Lenox. If you are simply eating eggs, you'll feel fancy doing it.

Lenox Fine China

The second step in registering for dishes is make sure they are sturdy and well made. Going with a trusted name like Lenox means you are purchasing something that will last. In fact after you own a Lenox product you can register your dishes with their breakage replacement program. 

A fantastic program where you are able to purchase replacement dishes. Provided one is available, at one-half its suggested retail price at time of replacement, plus shipping and processing charges and tax, of course. If an item is defective, Lenox will replace the item at no cost to you. Hooray for customer service.

Lenox Fine China

Since you are breaking tradition and will only have one set of dishes, be sure to register for enough pieces to host a big dinner party. We personally love the below Garden Grove 5 Piece Place Setting from Lenox. Like most of the Fine China pieces in the Lenox collection the Garden Grove collection is dishwasher safe.

Lenox Fine China

Trust us having one set of dishes will be such a delight. You won't have to store extra dishes or individually pack up two sets of dishes when you move. 

We partnered with Bed Bath & Beyond and Lenox to share this post with you. Everything said above is our personal opinion about registering for plates.