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I’ve been asked to be a bridesmaid for one of my best friends and my old college roommate, Brooke. (Super exciting!) Of course, one of the most important duties of the bridesmaids is to have an awesome bachelorette party, so the six of us got together to think of amazing bachelorette party ideas.  We wanted to do something a little different, but very special for her -- after all she is so loved by all of us ladies! :) Our genius idea? A scavenger hunt, reliving the important steps in her life that got her where she is now – about to marry the man she’s crazy in love with.
For her bachelorette party invitations, we chose Bridal Shower Invitations - Tropical Twist. The bright colors, summery feel, and elegance of this card are perfect for Brooke. On the morning of the bachelorette party, the bridesmaids began by decorating Brooke’s house while she was gone, for the rest of her bachelorette party that was planned for later in the evening with all her friends. We carried out the elegance and colors from the invite and decorated with pink and orange. We had pink and orange candies (Mike‘n Ikes, gumballs and pastel Jolly Ranchers) with Wedding Favor Stickers - Tropical Twist , pink and white streamers, and pink flowers sprinkled on the table surrounding a framed invitation.

Bachelorette Party Ideas - Scavenger Hunt

Then, the bridesmaids picked up Brooke in a van and began the day together at a winery in our hometown (Brooke’s favorite). After our glass of wine, her sister, Brynne, told her what our plan was and then one at a time we each gave her a clue about a place that had something to do with a certain stage of her life, from her high school days to the present. Once she figured out the clue and got to the place each of us gave her our bachelorette party gift.We ended at a restaurant of Brooke’s choice to have supper together and then her bachelorette party began with her friends back at her house. She opened her gifts from everyone, and the bridesmaids had one more bachelorette party idea to show her. We surprised her with a photo scrapbook of her bachelorette party, each page representing one step of the scavenger hunt. Each bridesmaid contributed photos from that stage of her life, and wrote a personal message on that page. When it was finished, it had nine pages of her life events and, thanks to one-hour photo, we were able to include a photo from each bridesmaid’s location from the scavenger hunt – genius, right? The scrapbook ended with her and her fiancé on the last page, with room to add pages from the wedding. Awesome work putting it together, Brynne! Brooke said she absolutely loved it - everyone did judging by the "Awww’s" that filled the room! It was a successful bachelorette party, and now we can’t wait for the big day to arrive in three days!!It’s time to start searching for your Christmas cards and look no further than Pear Tree Greetings who was recently featured in The Wall Street Journal for its photo Christmas Cards! Also, get free shipping on all orders over $75!