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Say Yes To Opal Engagement Rings


Say Yes To Opal Engagement Rings

When looking for that perfect ring, we always tend to think of a typical diamond ring in a typical shape. But why not look for an alternative that will leave your partner astounded. This October birthstone can practically come in any color. The two most common colors are white and green, and the two rarest ones come in red and black. Opals represent hope, happiness, loyalty, and faithfulness.


Since more than 90% of opals come from the country down under (Australia), the White Australian opal is the most popular opal in the world. If you prefer classic rings, then the go-to choice can be this opal engagement ring. You simply can’t go wrong with it, can you?

Say Yes To Opal Engagement Rings


There is a special charm about opal gems. Not only because of their iridescence but also of their delicacy. Even more special is the black opal ring. At Capucinne we offer you a wide selection of black opal engagement rings, like these.

Say Yes To Opal Engagement Rings


Opal engagement rings are very special on their own but what if we go a step further and pick rings that match your adventurous personality. This unusual gold opal ring with diamond halo is truly one of a kind.

Say Yes To Opal Engagement Rings


Even though at Capucinne we have a wide range of opal wedding rings, you can still add your signature touch to it. Our metalworkers can create your own just the way you always imagined.

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