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Say Goodbye To Withering Blooms


Say goodbye to withering blooms

Your floral arrangements add flare to your important day, show a side of your personality through colour and choice of bloom, they add to your personal style and make your day uniquely you, from the bouquet you walk into the room with to the arrangements you choose for your tablescapes. Of course, you’d want to capture them all, save them and never let them go.

At Cherish, we want the memories of your floral arrangements to more than just linger, we want to capture those beautiful blooms for you, and case them in art-decor pieces you can have with you for years from your wedding day, reminding you of that special day, those special moments as you walked down the aisle to a forever you always dreamed of. So many of life’s special moments are celebrated with flowers. A surprise red rose on Valentine’s Day, the butterflies felt when a basket of beautiful blooms comes our way in the crowded office just a week after that new romance, petals spread across the ground moments before saying “Yes I will!!” - the butterflies, the sensations, the emotions.

Cherish Floral Preservations

Say goodbye to withering bloomsSay goodbye to withering blooms

Say goodbye to withering blooms

Can you imagine walking down the aisle without those beautiful peonies in hand?

Special days are marked by the type of flowers we use; from roses to hydrangea, lilies to orchids. Bouquets, wreaths, petals, garlands - flowers are important aspect of every event, no matter how small or grand. Reserving the right shade of bloom months ahead when possible, because flowers will make or break the perfect day.

With so much importance placed on flowers, we at Cherish wanted to find a way brides can preserve these flowers as memories and blooms that never wither, like the sentiments we so much as always want to hold on to.

For us, resin preserved blooms are a way we give our clients that timeless feeling, holding to a moment, without worrying that it’ll all be a fading memory someday.

Say goodbye to withering blooms

Say goodbye to withering blooms

Say goodbye to withering blooms

We are a Canadian, woman-owned small business using Canadian sourced materials to help our clients preserve their floral memories. We support sustainable weddings and a reduced carbon footprint through a variety of in-house, environmentally-friendly production techniques: 

All of our packaging is 100% biodegradable. We used organic, soy-based inks wherever possible. We preserve flowers with a bio-based resin, in contrast to harmful petroleum alternatives. And, all the soy-based materials we use are sourced from soybeans grown right in the heart of Manitoba. 

We believe in paying it forward and a portion of our sales goes towards a number of causes and organizations we work with. We work with brides-to-be, event planners, wedding planners in Southern Ontario.

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