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Savanah + John | Dream Resort Destination Wedding in Cancun

Affordable wedding video is important in a destination wedding

WeddingMix bride Savanah shares the highlights of using WeddingMix video service:
Cancun (at least our resort) wasn’t up to US standards with the videography service and quality from what we had seen and heard from other brides. We could have paid an outside vendor fee plus the steep $2500 for a professional videographer in Mexico, but that wasn’t in our budget, especially for only 6 hours of coverage.

We worked with Ariane and got our video cameras, notified all of our guests to download the iPhone app before we left for Mexico and then it was time to get on a plane to get married! The video cameras and phones came out starting at the airport and never got put down by our guests or us the entire 10 days we were there. From tequila shots in the Mexican restaurant to me trying sushi for the first time in the Japanese restaurant and from our rehearsal in our swim suits to our big “uh oh” when we missed our flight trying to get home, it was all on camera. All those little moments that a traditional videographer wouldn’t have caught were on video and we couldn’t wait to see it all edited and put together once we got home.

When I got the email that our video was ready, I teared up watching how much was caught on video and getting to relive the mariachi band, the rain storm, doing the wobble in the dance club, jumping in the pool during our trash the dress session and everything else was just magical, even sitting there in a salon chair! Yes, having the ceremony and reception on video was important to me, but having all the other days from our guests point of view was more than I could of ever asked for!

Thank you so much to Ariane and everyone else at WeddingMix for helping all of my wedding dreams come true. The things that we have on video are priceless and we wouldn’t have any of it without WeddingMix!!

Wedding app by WeddingMix captures the best moments

Wedding app by WeddingMix captures the best moments

affordable wedding video is so important in a wedding app at a destination resort

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