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Sareh Nouri Fall 2020 Bridal Collection


Sareh Nouri Fall 2020 Bridal Collection

Feminine and charming in that Old World romantic way, the Sareh Nouri Fall 2020 bridal collection will captivate you with the painterly beauty that it was inspired by. This chic line of wedding gowns has a classic look and a modern cut that marries old and new in a unique way that we can't keep from staring at. Below are some of our favorite pieces and you can find the full  Sareh Nouri Fall 2020 collection in our full gallery. 

Art Inspires Life, Inspires Art

Oh, the spell the French Arts cast over us. We are perpetually lured and entranced by the expressive design of artists such as Monet, Matisse, and Seurat. Our Fall 2020 collection is influenced by the unique and strategic design of Andre Le Notre’s Gardens of Versailles. This dynamic showcase of magnificent geometric design is balanced by a serene visual harmony as evidenced in each piece of this collection. Every line having a distinct purpose, every fabric selected with careful precision. The ultimate goal – impression on a grand scale while maintaining a classic formality of glamorous charm.

This collection is its own love story; fabric meeting the designer’s hand; spun into a bold and beautiful creation that leaves the onlooker both mesmerized and captivated by the power and beauty before them. 

Fabrics of three-dimensional qualities were selected. A silk palm-leaf jacquard mimicking the soft brushstroke of an artist’s hand as well as a hand-painted floral sash representing true, one of a kind art. A delicate pique creating an ever subtle illusion of depth and movement. A laser-cut crinolina lace that offers a beautiful visual harmony in the fusion of fabrications. Each gown cut in strong silhouettes with modern lines and significant parallel seaming to create impressive images of great finesse.

Belle gown by Sareh Nouri

Adeleine gown by Sareh NouriAdeleine gown by Sareh Nouri

Cosette gown by Sareh Nouri

Cosette and Claudette gowns by Sareh Nouri

Halette gown by Sareh Nouri

Halette and Paulette gowns by Sareh Nouri

Sophine gown by Sareh NouriSophine gown by Sareh Nouri

Louise gown by Sareh Nouri

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