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Sample Wedding Ceremony Scripts



We've covered  10 Tips For Writing Your Own Wedding Script, but we know you'll need a basic starter guide to writing your own wedding ceremony words. Thanks to professional wedding scriptwriter Katelyn Stanis of Wedding Words we have a heartfelt wedding ceremony script you won't find anywhere else along with how exactly you should be reading your weddings vows. 


How to read your wedding vows

While every set of personalized wedding vows are unique, there is an outline you can follow to ensure that you create impactful wedding vows. Here are the key elements to follow when reading your vows shared by Katelyn Stanis of Wedding Words.


Address your fiancé and include a detail about how you connected and why you’re here today.

2. Focus on your Fiancé 

Describe what you love about your fiancé.

3. Focus on your Relationship 

Describe what you appreciate about your relationship together and how your fiancé has affected you. 

4. Highlight Your Marriage

Detail out your wishes and promises for your marriage. 

5. End with Love

Filled Kicker – In journalism, the last impactful line of an article is known as the “kicker.” Include a strong, love-filled last line to summarize your vows. 

Here is an example of a  touching wedding ceremony script you will not find anywhere else. 


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