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Rustic Vintage Wedding at Bates Nut Farm


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Jenna and Derek tied the knot at an outdoor wedding at Bates Nut Farm. Although a nut farm isn't a typical choices for a wedding venue, it was the perfect setting for their rustic vintage wedding.
While vibrant shades of coral added a pop of color to the vintage furniture and lace and burlap decor, it was the personal, romantic touches from the bride and groom that makes this wedding stand out from all the rest. Continue reading to hear all of the unique aspects of their wedding — especially the poem the Derek wrote for Jenna for their special day! To view more of this rustic vintage wedding visit the full gallery here, all captured by the talented Hom Photography.

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From Hom Photography:When Derek proposed, he wrote Jenna poems about different stages throughout their relationship, which she heard from friends and family before he got down on one knee. For his present to her, he compiled these poems into an accordion fold album and wrote her a heartwarming poem about their wedding day. Before he sent it off to her, he read it for his groomsmen and father.

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From the Bride:We wanted a fun outdoor wedding and Bates Nut Farm was a close venue that could accommodate all of our guests. It's such a perfect location with natural beauty, and they allowed us to bring in everything we wanted!

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My favorite memory was walking down the aisle, seeing Derek, and seeing him get a little teary eyed. It was so sweet! I also loved dancing! I loved all of it, but especially the last song when everyone was dancing, jumping, and singing around Derek and me! We just felt so loved and I think we had so much fun because I could tell everyone else was having such a good time! I also loved reading the wedding day poem that Derek wrote for me!

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Jenna's one request for their wedding day was that Derek make a swing — a unique detail that we absolutely love! Friends from Derek and Jenna's church teamed up to help with all of the decorations — including the burlap and lace table runners, napkin rings and adorable escort cards — that perfectly complimented the vintage furniture rentals from All of the Details.

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My advice would be get married sooner rather than later! DON'T STRESS!! The wedding is only a few hours long and its okay if everything doesn't go according to plan. Utilize your resources such as all your friends! And make quick decisions!

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Check out the wedding film from Rachel Ashley of The Heart Behind It below to get a closer look at this rustic vintage wedding at Bates Nut Farm!

Read on to see the entire poem Derek wrote for Jenna about their wedding day!

Wedding Day Eight months ago I got down on one knee, And asked you, "Jenna, will you marry me?"
In that small fort while we were dressed in our best, You happily exclaimed, "A thousand times yes!"
The planning began on the very next day, The thought of the wedding day so far away.
We longed for the time when we could become one, To make that wedding vow not to come undone, To be with each other through sickness and health, Stay with each other through poverty and wealth, To spend our lives by each others' side, I as the groom and you as the bride.
Now on this day, the sun is shining bright.
You float down the aisle dressed in white.
We sing out a hymn, and we vow hand in hand.
We joyfully exchange the wedding band.
I put on your ring, and I put one on too.
We agree to our love, and we say I do.
With our friends in their best, each on our side, The pastor declares that you are now my bride.
And on this day the two become one.
We make the vow not to come undone.
We'll be together through sickness and health, be with each other through poverty and wealth.
We'll spend our lived by each others' side, I as the groom and you as my bride.
Years will pass by us and we will never be alone.
We'll forget the feeling of saying goodnight through the phone.
Out of our love our family will then grow.
We'll raise godly children and then let them go.
We'll tightly cling fast until on our final day, We'll look back on our marriage and happily say, Many years past since the two were made one.
We made the vow; it never was undone.
We clung to each other through sickness and health, We took care of each other through poverty and wealth.
But we only followed something greater signified, The far greater marriage long ago ratified:
The promise of Christ's to be by His side, He as the Groom and we as His bride.

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