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RTW Bridesmaid Dresses By Rime Arodaky

If you're a bridesmaid who's really cool, these are made for you. Rime Arodaky is probably one of the coolest designers we've seen. Maybe it's her edge or could be just because she's French. Being French just kinda makes you cool ... well as long as you aren't one of those mean ones. And you don't smoke (smoking is bad for you). I must confess, I envy the messy updos, perfect style and the clean-faced-look of a French girl. Keep scrolling to see more of the collection and click through the gallery.

Rime Arodaky RTW Bridesmaids

Why are these bridesmaids so calm? What do they have figured out that we don't know? If you haven't seen the Rime Arodaky 2018 Bridal Collection, you'll want to see that tout suite. Not to be missed is Rime's  Rehearsal Dress Collection.

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Wedding DressesRIME ARODAKY@rimearodaky