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Romantic Desert Engagement Session

Cassidy Brooke Photography

Cassidy Brooke Photography put together and photographed this relaxing desert getaway engagement session in the Great Sand Dunes national park. The entire day oozes easy breezy romance.
With a small, simple table as their only convenience, Gabi and Mitch are able to fully appreciate the impressive landscape and enjoy all it had to offer. Don't miss any of the gorgeous details of this romantic desert engagement session by viewing the full gallery here.

desert getaway table setting ideas

desert engagment session

desert table decoration ideas

cactus arrangement

From Cassidy Brooke Photography:The feel behind this fall, desert shoot was to be a relaxing, romantic getaway. Shot at the peaceful sand dunes, we set up for a little evening for the couple. With the vast sand dunes, it's easy to get lost, so we set up a cozy-like area, complete with wine, and festive fall pillows to sit on!

To give the shoot a more desert feel we took on the cactus full force, using a great assortment of cactus types. And to have the shoot feel light and simple we used glass containers and vases filled with dunes' sand to complete the table.

romantic desert getaway by Cassidy Brooke Photography

desert tablescape ideas

desert getaway

Cassidy Brooke Photography

It was fun just roaming the dunes and taking photos in the vast, open space. We could run, scream, whatever we wanted, there was so much freedom to create! Gabi and Mitch were especially neat to photograph, they looked great in front of the camera and were so emotionally connected ... It was like I wasn't really there! Although it was SUPER windy during the shoot, we used it to our advantage to get neat shots of Gabi's hair and dress blowing in the air.

dessert engagement

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CactusStone Path Gardens
Dress DesignerDouble Zero
FlowersDawn's Creations
Groom Shirt & PantsH&M
Photographer & Event DesignerCassidy Brooke Photography
VenueGreat Sand Dunes