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Relaxed Yet Elegant Beach Wedding Ideas


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Seaside weddings hold a special place in our hearts, and for good reason! The calm blue water, the cool breeze and warmth of the sun are as magical as they are therapeutic to the soul. Jasmina Design and Inès Zrinski wanted to bring all the romance and beauty of a seaside celebration to life in this stunning inspiration, and they pulled it all off  with soft muted colors and elegantly designed details.

The relaxed vibe throughout this inspiration is so contagious we’re dreaming of our own seaside nuptials, especially in the brides stunning dress from Wren Bridal. Swoon!  Keep scrolling for more and get a closer look at all the dreamy details in the full gallery here.

hand written calligraphy invite with silk ribbon

Dark invites with gold calligraphyGold bridal jewelry

Calm seaside vibe

From Jasmina Design: The photographer and myself are both from California. We met each other in the DC area and both were really missing the calmness of the water and the easy and relaxing vibe of a celebration - that's what inspired us to this shoot. We wanted to create something very intimate, romantic by the seaside and with the nature being the effortless backdrop. The sun, breeze, the water, and the rocks that day seemed to understand our inspiration so well.

Beachy bridal look in a blush wedding gown

Pretty bouquet on the rocks

Beachy wedding hair and natural wedding makeupstrapless wedding gown with lace bustier

natural and elegant outdoor wedding reception ideas

Relaxing celebration

The table scape is another favorite of ours! We wanted the easy and relaxing celebration and it shows in this table setting. It's shared with the closest family and friends. With the setting being a little imperfect and the effortless nature being the backdrop, we know it was a group of close friends and family that are not only celebrating the love of the couple but also truly enjoying their time together. We almost thought this celebration took place in the South of Italy.

Elegant table decor yet rustic wedding table setting ideasCalligraphy place card

how to set a table elegantly

Calligraphy table number ideaCenterpiece flower combo

Yummy macarons on vintage inspired plate

Understated yet elegant

We wanted the details to be muted and simple but together, they speak volumes. The flowers were simple in colors with lots of free flowing greens to compliment the overall theme. The flowing ribbons, beautiful shoe lace, simple yet flowy wedding gown only made this wedding speak romance. These soft details with the hard and grey rocks symbolize the bride and groom - a couple that compliments each other and only when together, they are complete. We also want the details to showcase the personality of the couple - loving, respectful, humble, understated yet elegant. We also want to emphasize the beautiful makeup of the bride. She looked just as natural as in the pictures in person.

Seaside wedding receptionOverflowing bouquet

Pretty wedding bouquet

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