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With Zankyou Weddings you are able to register for whatever you want.  When you create your cash wedding registry with Zankyou Weddings: you can register for items for your home, honeymoon or even charity donations.

Read on to learn how easy and practical setting up a wedding registry with Zankyou Weddings can be

1. Convenience

Making an online gift list allows your guests to send you gifts without having to leave the comfort of their own home! They can make contributions towards your gift list on the internet or over the phone, making it a quick and easy method of giving gifts.

Also, if you have any guests coming from overseas then this is perfect for them! No one wants to have to carry wedding presents with them while traveling, so an online gift list is ideal.

ZankYou Wedding Registry

2. Practicality

In today's world, couples tend to marry in later life when they have already established a home together and have everything they could possibly need. Traditional gift lists are becoming a thing of the past as no one really wants 3 toasters, 2 food blenders and some expensive silverware that, let's face it, you'll never use!


With online gift lists like Zankyou, you receive the money instead of actual gifts. This way you can purchase things you actually need and want, or you can even use it towards your dream honeymoon!

3. Tastefulness

Having people give you cash in an envelope, or sending your guests your bank account details aren't really the most classy of options. In fact, in many countries this would be completely unthinkable! So, if the money is what you want, it's much more tasteful to ask through an online gift list. Your guests can access and send you virtual gifts, and can even leave you messages. You will always be informed of who has given you a gift so that you can thank them.

Zankyou Wedding Website

4. Benefits

As we mentioned before, if you have international guests attending your wedding, being able to access your online gift list will be extremely practical for them. They'll be able to access the site in various languages, and can speak to a representative from their country if they prefer to call. Another important advantage to highlight is that you'll be able to receive the funds to your normal bank account, and there is no need to open a specific account. You then have complete freedom to spend the money whenever and however you wish. Your guests will love using your personalized Zankyou site because as well as being practical, they're also super pretty!  BONUS! Enter ZKYWCHUSDP1216  For free premium website design.

Zankyou Honeymoon Regisry

5. Honeymoon

If what you're looking for is a helping hand to save for your dream honeymoon, then an online gift list is perfect for you! With an online list, you can allow your guests to contribute towards your romantic getaway. If you like, you can even divide the trip down into different stages (flights, hotel, dinner, experiences etc), this way your guests know just what they'll be contributing towards. The different stages will appear on a map so that your guests can see all of the details of your journey.

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