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Refreshingly Green St. Paddy's Day

Instead of pulling the ol' "Irish Yoga" exercise technique this St. Paddy's day, put aside the green beer, but do keep your homeland traditions. Perhaps after a hearty Irish breakfast and some bag pipes enjoy a refreshing afternoon in "eco-friendly" fashion!
Here are some of our tips on how to have a true "air" of Irish Fare this March 17th!

Refreshingly Green St. Paddy's Day

The Luck O' the Mason JarAlthough you might not be relaxing in the hills of Ireland, you can make your home more tranquil with a fun project for your garden or backyard. We enjoyed this crafty project from Not Just A Housewife's blog.

Refreshingly Green St. Paddy's Day

Add some "charm" to your day...If looking for a healthy snack to make your kids, try a green smoothie, the pop of color will give any one a burst of happiness!

Refreshingly Green St. Paddy's Day

Check out this recipe from Two Peas in a Pod, here.

Instead of a Pot of Gold.."Fro-Yo" is always an eco-friendly option! Stop by your local yogurt shoppe for a tasty snack.Refreshingly Green St. Paddy's Day

Wear emerald green if you do go out...This bold color looks great on any skin tone. We enjoyed this chic silky number from Zara. Refreshingly Green St. Paddy's Day

If you dare..Refreshingly Green St. Paddy's Day

Check out our Pinterest account for the unique recipe for Bailey & Guinness inspired brownie bites from Sweet

Go green & save with Poetry Booths!Refreshingly Green St. Paddy's Day

Book with us by midnight on 3/18/2012 and receive 20% off our diamond package! (Leprechaun not included!)
Most of all, have a safe and responsible St. Patrick's Day!
Poetry Booths Photo Credits: Pinterest