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Rainbow Weddings Are Everything We Need RN


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Happy Friday everyone!! We wish we could have waited until April 3rd (National Find a Rainbow Day) for this post, but the trend was just too good - so we had to tell you about it today. Yes, duh, rainbows aren’t a trend, they’re a legitimate prismatic phenomenon that happens after a 🌧️, but there IS a current multi-colored craze happening RN. From rainbow fashion to rainbow beauty, this artistic arc kind of won’t quit. And we’re not upset about it, either. When it comes to weddings, the palette has been explored for years, but it’s nearing perfection in execution at this point.

And what we love about it the most, is the fact that it can be approached in so many different ways - with an aesthetic colored by soft shades of pastels or bold and brazen brushes of primary colors. I tend to like the softer, festival vibe, but OMG some couples are killlllling it with their edgier interpretations. We’ll let you decide on your fave looks, as you’re scrolling down, but for now, here are some ways you can get in on this kaleidoscopic kind of wedding. Including working some pops of color into your bridal white. Yep 👇 

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We chatted with one of NYC+Hudson Valley’s top wedding planners, founder & lead designer behind All Who Wander Events, Nicole Sheppard, who gave us her perspective on the rainbow trend and how to work with it. Biggest thing. Editing is key.

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“Full-on rainbow weddings can be a beast,” says Nicole. “I suggest that couples focus on one element being rainbow instead of just putting color wherever they can. For example, a long run of varicolored blooms going down a long table or different colored chairs My approach would be deconstructing the ‘rainbow’ instead of keeping them banded to avoid the wedding being too overly themed.”

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So where can you work some 🌈 magic into your day?


Yes, you can go super literal with tie-dyed blooms, that inject color into each petal for a totally rainbow effect. But florists are such artists, if you can work with a visionary who can translate your love for rainbow into arrangements that use crazy combinations of already naturally bonkers-colored flowers - the effect is far more powerful.


Truly, going with a rainbow invitation suite can be the simplest detail, but something that has the most dramatic impact. And it can be done with super cool envelope liners and a potpourri of stamps. 


If you have it in your budget, and these are the extras we talk about, when we say that vendors aren’t being a**holes when they can’t just give you a price, rentals can be instrumental in turning out a dope rainbow affair. From statement presentation plates, to textiles and bold beverageware, rainbow tablescapes create such a solid story. 

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Make sure you peruse our vendor inspiration to pick up a few ideas. And if you’re not feeling a full-fledged rainbow celebration, then use photography to infuse some hues into your day. You’ll want to do some serious stalking to see if the shutterbugs’ whose DMs you’ll soon be sliding into have some experience with bold, bright colors in their portfolios.

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All photos are pulled from Instagram - noted with vendor credits by their respective handles. 

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