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Quiz: Where Should You and Bae Vacay This Summer?


Not sure if it’s royal wedding fever calling us to London or the fact that Becca will be doing the damn thing in the Bachelorette chateau (and then alllll over the damn place) in less than two weeks, but we’re seriously wanderlusting RN. Pretty sure you all are too, unless you’re newly-married and returning from a magical honeymoon… 

So we prepped this quiz to give you a flavor for where you and your love should ship off this summer! Every place is great, so don’t freak if it isn’t what you had in mind. Sometimes, we need a little motivation to discover destinations we never knew we needed to see! Any vacay is a cause to celebrate. Says the one who got back from Disney with a one-year-old last month, and already needs a do-over, desperately.

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