Quiz: Where Do You Fall on the Bride Chill Scale?

Okay, so… a little birdy told us that one of our FAVORITEEEE bride shows of all time (not favorite, that still belongs to A Wedding Story: 1996-2005 RIP), Bridezilla, is officially back on the air on June 10th!! New episodes, new drama, new bride meltdowns, all of it. Yessss. Weddings CAN be s***shows, people, so the occasional bride-to-be freak out fest is #sonormal. 

That being said, we hate to stereotype - bridezilla, bridechilla, they both suck - so it’s more about a scale of overall bride chill. You can fall anywhere on the spectrum! We’ve talked amongst ourselves and taken polls of our soon-to-take-the-plunge friends to bring you a pretty legit measure of your bride vibe. Take the quiz to see where you fall, and remember, this is all in fun. ALL brides be crazyyyy. Some are just a little crazier than others 😉

Answer YES or NO or check the answer that most applies to you.
Please Note: Quiz is for entertainment purposes only.

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