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Quiz: How Close Are You and Your S.O.?


They say that all good relationships start with best friendships. You’re each other’s ride or die, you know what the other person’s thinking way before he or she can even process his/her thoughts, and you’ve probably categorized all of their smiles ((one when they think something’s funny, one when they’re uncomfortable, etc.)) - yes, I randomly watched Win a Date with Tad Hamilton the other day, and I couldn’t help but throwback to some of those AMAZING lines when I started putting together this quiz. 

Sure, we wouldn’t say that a best friendship qualifies every solid relationship, but it def doesn’t hurt to be besties with your boo. We prepped this quiz to give you a gauge on how pally you and your guy/girl. Don’t worry, we promise we won’t ask if you two fart around each other. That question gets asked ALL THE TIME, and yes, you should def be gassing each other up - that’s what you do with your BFFs - but not this way. Not this way….

Answer YES or NO or check the answer that most applies to you. Take the quiz now.