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Pronovias Approves of the BFF Bridal Shopping Experience

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We’ve probably said this more times than we can even count, but wedding dress shopping should be one of the LEAST stressful and MOST exciting parts of your wedding planning experience. And it all starts with the perfect place to pick that dream dress out. Whether you want to go all out, in a bridal salon that is stacked with signature skus and a plethora of bridal designers to peruse, or if you’d prefer to seek out that one store you know will have your always-imagined gown in stock, it’s YOUR decision to make. Thankfully, we’ve called on the experts at Pronovias to give us some ace advice on that first wedding shopping sojourn. And one of their best kept secrets: bring your best friends.

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It might seem contrary to everything you’ve ever fantasized about in regard to your wedding dress shopping trip, but sometimes having your best ladies in tow is the best way to take on the trial-and-error try-on task. While having your mother or father there for the big moment certainly qualifies as the classic choice, it’s becoming a lot more commonplace for brides to bring along their closest friends as confidants, and we can’t say that we don’t support it! Moms and sisters, mother-in-laws and sibling-in-laws, will always come first to mind (rightfully so!), but they’re not always the best cheerleaders. Especially if they’re holding out hope that you’ll choose one of their favorite finds - and you’re hardly on the same page.

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Case in point, my mom was dying for me to fall in love with a blinged-out bridal confection, and I couldn’t veto those styles from my dressing room faster. #sorrynotsorry, mom. I love you, but no. Not my taste!

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The Pronovias powers that be advise brides to choose their entourage more out of conviction than out of obligation - and we are SO on board with their counsel. Obligation is often one of the MAJOR stressors for brides, whether they have to include a family member in their bridal party just to appease someone else, or whether they have to make changes to their ceremony based on religious or familial, faith obligations. So, when it comes to their dress, we agree with Pronovias and the persuasion to pick your bridal gown shopping posse based on what your heart is telling you.

Pronovias Approves Of The BFF Shopping ExperiencePhoto:

Other than your girls finding your local Pronovias store and scheduling your appointment, here are a few more reasons we like what the style experts at this luxe fashion house are putting down… Scroll on!

Pronovias Approves Of The BFF Shopping ExperiencePhoto:

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