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Pretty Purple Love Birds Wedding

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Living in Texas the weather is so unpredictable, but you can usually count on hot and humid.  Taking this into consideration Emiliano and Linda knew they wanted to have a fall wedding overflowing with purple details in every shade. From the bridesmaid dresses to their purple ruffle ombre wedding cake, the powerful fall color was scattered throughout.
Read on to hear more about the day from Linda and of course you can dive deeper into the wedding in  full gallery here. All captured by Dana Fernandez Photography.

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Love Birds theme

What inspired our "love birds" theme, was that a friend of mine had birdcage tea light holders she used at her wedding and offered them to me. As soon as I saw them, the vintage boho chic ideas came flowing in. Being that we were inseparable it only made sense that Emiliano and I were love birds. A Creation For You Florist refined my ideas once I presented them. It was immaculate and I was more than pleased! The weather (it rained briefly but hey that's good luck right), the decorations by my dear friend Lizzie, were even better than expected, and now having the beautiful pictures from Dana Fernandez, we had an amazing day that we will forever cherish.

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switch to flats after the ceremony

I think one thing I would've done, was to NOT take off my petticoat. I wore it during the ceremony and about an hour 1/2 into the reception. I was getting hot, as to be expected, and thought removing it would allow a little relief. It definitely did, but my dress wasn't as fluffed and it was dragging more on the ground since I switched from heels to flats; which is the best idea by the way! I think my dress would've looked a lot prettier had I just left the petticoat on (mainly for pics). Beauty is pain..right? Other than that there wasn't much I would've changed. It was a perfectly simple, chic and FUN wedding.

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don't sweat the small stuff

I did manage to forget to place the dinner linen napkins on the tables! Initially they were meant to complete the table setting. I didn't notice ONCE during the reception. And honestly, neither did anyone else! It wasn't until the next day I realized we'd forgotten about them. Goes to show you not all the minor details matter. At least you don't HAVE to be the nit-picky bridezilla most people imagine us to be! Advice? Do a First Look with your fiance. Just seeing him helped calm my nerves greatly!

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Car RentalWally Peckham | Cake: Lisa Alexander | Hair: Ericka Orihuela | Makeup: Michelly Villalpando
ChurchSacred Heart Church
Dress DesignerSincerity Bridal
Dress ShopVentura’s Bridal
FlowersA Creation For You Florist
GarterOne Fancy Day
PhotographyDana Fernandez Photography
Shoe DesignerBadgley Mishka
StationeryAesthetic Journeys
Veil or Hair AccessoriesImpression Bridal
Veil or Hair AccessoriesImpression Bridal
VenueThe Roof Garden
Wedding PlannerPaige Kristian Planning