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Pretty Foliage Tips for DIY Wedding Cake Flowers


DIY wedding cake flowers

Flowers make an elegant statement on any cake, so why not top off yours with fresh blooms + greenery filled with color and texture! Living Fresh Studio sent us a few helpful tips and style ideas on how to DIY your own cake foliage with ease.

Our favorite tip? Use the same flowers from your bouquet and centerpieces for an effortless cohesive look your guests will love. Beautiful, elegant and easy! Keep scrolling for more helpful tips and gorgeous cakes captured by Diana Marie Photography plus don't miss the full gallery for more!

DIY wedding cake flowers with olive branches

Carmel Antique Garden Roses and Olive Foliage

From Living Fresh Studio: Select flowers that are used in other arrangements for your wedding for cohesion and a tied together look. For a mixed topper arrangement have a few larger focal flowers with smaller buds and fleurets and bits of greenery. Use pins to hold larger flowers in place, place other flowers directly on the cake loose and layer blooms on top of each other.

DIY flower topper for your cake

DIY garden flower cake topper


Recreate the look below and above with an assortment of pretty flowers including peach Garden Stock, Brilliant Star Blush Spray Roses, Burgundy Scabosia, Burgundy Ranunculus Buds with Red Huck.

DIY wedding cake flowersDIY flower cake topper

Mauve tulips cake topper DIY


For greenery garland on cake tiers or at the base use short pieces and layer on top of each other to hide the end of the stems. Don't be afraid to push stems into the cake to keep the flower or greenery in place. Keep it simple, a few blooms with greenery is easy to place and looks amazing. For a showy and fully look use flowers that are fully open. Purchase loose flower stems and greenery from your florist.

Tulips cake topper with greenery DIYMauve tulip cake topper DIY

Top it all off with a stunning bouquet

Now that you're planning to have the prettiest cake imaginable, learn how to DIY a matching bouquet for your wedding day. 

Chic bridal lookBouquet for days

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