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Preserve Your Wedding Gown By Using Jeeves NY


Mira Zwillinger Wedding Gown

If you are so lucky to be wearing a Mira Zwillinger Wedding Gown, like the one above, you are of course going to have the best day ever while wearing it. However, after a day of dancing, photo taking, cake sharing and wedding bliss your dress is not going to be in perfect condition.
Possibly stained with dirt, sand, grime, smells, watermarks. Of course, you are going to want to clean it up and preserve it. Lucky for you Jeeves New York exists and can basically get your dress looking like new.


pink watters wedding gown

Jeeves New York uses liquid CO2 to clean the dresses, a process that removes soil and restores that bright white to the wedding dresses. They have developed techniques over the past 20 years that are unique to Jeeves that allow them to remove stains that by some standards are "impossible to remove".
Making sure every wedding dress gets unique and personalized attention, no cleaning for a dress is the same. Sometimes even requiring the use of q-tips to delicately get the job done! So, that whisper pink wedding gown above from Watters and that to die for Monique Lhuillier dress below will be kept in pristine condition.

Monique Lhuilllier Wedding Gown

Their preservation methods are very different from most. First off, Jeeves New York uses proven museum methods to preserve the wedding dress after it has been carefully cleaned. Secondly, you will be able to open your gown at anytime to view it as other methods do not allow the box to be opened.

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Rest assured that each gown is handled with the utmost care. Managing Director, Jerry Pozniak, has a background in art conservation that ensures that each wedding dress that passes through Jeeves is treated like a work of art. Truth be told, the craftsmen at Jeeves New York workshop clean more wedding dresses in one week than many dry cleaners see in an entire year!
Hooray! That gorgeous St. Pucchi gown that you wore on the best day ever will be cleaned and preserved forever.

St. Pucchi Bridal Gowns

Preserve Your Wedding Gown By Using Jeeves NY