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Practical Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping


Practical Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

If you’re about to start the search for your dress, you’re going to want to read these practical tips for wedding dress shopping. Wonderland Bridal shared their best and most practical tips for wedding dress shopping. They’ve also included the dress designer and styles of all of the dresses featured. 


Zero in on a price point you are comfortable with. Do keep in mind that your dress budget doesn’t include the cost of alterations, tax & shipping fees — plus your veil, shoes, lingerie and jewelry.

Bride: @marissa__mh_
Photo: @organicmomentsphotography
Dress: @missstellayork

2. Start early

Practical Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

You’ll need at least 6-8 months to get your gown — and that’s if you’re really decisive! If you put dress shopping off for too long, your selection could be limited or you might make a quick decision you may regret later.

Bride: Kelsey
Photo: @madimagesinc
Dress: @missstellayork
Style# 6993

3. Determine the dress codE

Practical Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

If your ceremony is in a house of worship, consider religious restrictions such as covering your shoulders or arms.

Bride: @alecaromar
Photo: @lovestoryfilmsco
Dress: @missstellayork
Style# 7083

4. Figure out what you like

Practical Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Take cues from your venue, the season and the time of day you’re getting married to help narrow down your dress style.

Bride: @keissyyy
Photo: @angelamallett
Dress: @missstellayork
Style #6745

5. Call in advance

Practical Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

In order to try on gowns, an appointment is required. This will guarantee you get a full hour and a half along with an expert bridal stylist to assist.

Bride: Felicia
Photo: @mandylynnphotos
Dress: @missstellayork
Style# 6718

6. Let the salon make recommendations 

Practical Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

It’s very possible to fall for a wedding gown you didn’t think you’d like or want. Don’t eliminate anything at first glance. If your stylist brings you something they say you should try, try it — even if you don’t initially love it or think it’s totally “you.”

Bride: @bobbilynnm
Photo: @sandandseastudios
Dress: @allwhowander
Style: Arlo

7. Shop at the right time

Practical Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Saturday afternoons are the most popular times to shop for a wedding dress. Instead, consider taking off a half day from work to shop when it’s likely to be less crowded.

Bride: @melanie_rae_cardona
Photo: @mandylynnphotos
Dress: @missstellayork
Style #6026

8. Buy a dress that fits now

Practical Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

Even if you’re planning on focusing on your health and fitness in a big way before your wedding, your body type isn’t going to completely change. Besides, it’s a lot easier (not to mention less expensive) to take a gown in than to try and make a too-small dress work.

Bride: @hjenn86
Dress: @missstellayork
Style# 6933

9. Skip the entourage

Practical Tips for Wedding Dress Shopping

It may be tempting to include all your friends in this experience, but too many people adds up to too many clashing opinions. It can become confusing and overwhelming for the bride. Additionally, most salons can only accommodate 1-3 guests especially with COVID restrictions.

Bride: @arlystyles
Photo: @alovestoryfilms
Dress: @allwhowander
Style: Reece

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