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Planning Your Wedding Toast With Blanc de Bleu


Planning Your Wedding Toast With Blanc de Bleu

We know you have one zillion things on your wedding to-do list, but do not forget to plan your wedding toast. Not only will you need to figure out how many bottles of bubbly you will need, you will also need to decide on what you will toast with. And ... why not toast to your undying love in the most stylish way possible with Blanc de Bleu. The world’s first blue sparkling grape wine with a hint of blueberry. Guests will feel extra special sipping on this, as they cheers to your love. Now here is how much bubbly you will need to say, "Cheers!"

planning your wedding toast

The question is, how much of this sparkly blue wine will you need to purchase, so all your guests can partake in the festivities. There really is nothing worse than being left out!
You typically want to give each guest 5 ounces and one bottle of Blanc de Bleu is 750ML which roughly gives you about 5 glasses. PRECAUTIONARY  MEASURES - expect a few of your guests to knock over a glass or two and definitely expect a few guests to want a refill. The below chart includes extra for spillage and refills, and you just keep doubling if you have more guests.

50 Guests → 15 bottles
100 Guests → 30 bottles
200 Guests → 60 bottles

Planning Your Wedding Toast With Blanc de Bleu

This stylish sparkly blue wine has a knack for making you feel ultra stylish when sipping it. This ultra chic bottle of bubbly has a hint of blueberry that tastes even better than it looks. Guests will love toasting your love with Blanc de Bleu. For more sparkly blue inspo follow blancdebleuofficial on Instagram

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