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Pink Just Made Every Edgy Bride’s Dreams Come True

I’ll admit, I’m not the biggest football fan. Don’t judge!!! I was a cheerleader for many years, and can appreciate a good tailgate as much as the next person, but I wouldn’t say I get ridiculously excited for Super Bowl Sunday. To be honest, I was pretty close to a breakdown yesterday trying to navigate through Shop & Shop with everyone out for last minute wings and things… But, I was actually really into last night’s game and kind of loved that the Eagles won. Nick Foles kissing his earmuff + green headband-wearing little one while tearing up and celebrating his epic win was EEEEVVVVERRRRTHING.

And Justin Timberlake getting the entire stadium up and dancing to his Trolls theme song… well we can’t stop feeling alllll the feels. But Pink also had us hyped up before kickoff when she sung the national anthem (all while battling the flu) like a total boss. She is goals always, but last night she added #bridal goals to her resume, by completely slaying in a pair of satin palazzo pants from designer Rita Vinieris. They were the perfect match for Pink’s androgynous edge and we couldn’t help thinking that this look is going to blow up in the bridal world.

Though Pink’s interpretation of the pantsed-up ensem was ‘F***in perfect,’ pairing the paper bag waist with a casual camouflage tunic and a metallic moto-style jacket with darting at the shoulders, Rita runwayed the Fall 2018 look with a fancy crop top and moody aviators. Basically, the effect was athleisure chic AF.

And we’re crushing hard on the wide leg, flowy palazzo trend for brides who want to wear pants for the big day, but still want that decidedly bridal feel (jumpsuits do it too!). So many designers are killing it RN with combinations of pants and super cool, embellished crops, long, lacy sleeved-up blouses, badass bandeaus, and the like. And none of it is anywhere near basic. 🙌 🙌 🙌

So, thank you Pink for giving brides something new to obsess over, and for showing us all how to make something our own. You give us all the reasons to embrace our inner style siren. Swipe through for more inspo, too! We’re not lying when we say that this pant slant is only just picking up momentum.🔥

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